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A friend of mine just returned from the United States. He went to the USA for to take his master's degree in one of the reputable university in New Hampshire. Over beer and finger foods, he told us his experiences while studying abroad. He said that his mom knows best when it comes to traveling because she had traveled many times in the USA. My friend told us how hard it is for him to communicate with his family and his girlfriend in the Philippines using his mobile phone. He complained that international calls from the USA to the Philippines are expensive. He had a tight budget that is why he can't afford the expensive international calls. He is coming back to New Hampshire in the next month and he is asking for any ideas about affordable international call from USA.

I told him about Straight Talk International Long Distance Service that offers affordable international calls. I also told him that this service is flexible because it allows him to call a friend or anyone using mobile phone or the phone in his dormitory. Aside from that, I also told him about the super-affordable rates of Straight Talk's "All You Need Plan" that is suitable for him, especially that he will be calling different people in the USA for his thesis. The "All You Need Plan" offers unlimited monthly service for $45, which includes unlimited calls., text, picture messaging, and web. Another benefit for him is that Straight Talk doesn't require contracts, doesn't have surprise bills nor credit checks. Straight Talk only offers phones from the most trusted phone manufacturers. Because of of great service, Fantasy Fishing Team chose Straight Talk as their partner.

My friend was delighted to know about Straight Talk. He said that the services being offered by Straight Talk will ease his financial burden while he is taking his master's degree. He said that the money that ha can save through Straight Talk can be used to cover for his expenses while he do his thesis. He also said that the money that he will save can be used to buy souvenir items when he go back home in the next year.

How about you? Still not convinced with Straight Talk's  affordable offers? Be assured that Straight Talk is everything you need. See one satisfied customer giving his testimonial for Straight Talk in this video:

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