An Award for a Simple Comment

I never expected that a simple comment of mine will have a positive impact to anyone, especially on my blogger-friends. However, a pleasant surprise showed that at least one of my comments affected another person positively.

I was glad to discover, one day while I was browsing through my Facebook account, that a blogger-friend of mine left a message and a badge showing his appreciation of sincerity on the comments that I left on his blog. That friend is Steve, who is the owner of the blog Artistic World.

Steve created a post about the RH Bill, which is the most controversial issue in the Philippines these days. I was glad to discover that we are on the same side and as a token of gratitude, I left a comment to bolster his position against the RH Bill.

I never knew that Steve will appreciate that comment to the point that he will give me this:
Commendable Comments Award 2011 - Steve

Steve said that he is sorry that he can't give me any cash price for the award. Well, the heck with cash prizes. The fact that I am appreciated by a fellow blogger is more valuable than cash prizes. Positive reaction to my comments, especially my comments on my Pro-life and anti-RH Bill, is enough prize for me.

Once again Steve, I want to say “Thank you” for the appreciation and recognition that you gave me. May you continue standing up for the dignity of the human person. May you continue fighting for the sanctity of life. Down with the RH Bill!


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  1. ayun oh! may award na sya ng dahil lang sa pag comment, congrats!

  2. Congratulations for the award! knowing your comment is valued ad appreciated was more than enough as a prize, what matters is that we're able to build good relation to fellow bloggers. Cheers! =)

  3. aha, thanks ish, masaya ako na you really apprecaite y effort. Para sa akin ang malaman ang bawat sides ng tao ay fulfillment esp kapag may natutunan ako mula sa kanila.

    Sana magcontinue pa long ang ating friendship at ma-feed pa ako ng marami mula sa iyong mga pamatay na comment at impormasyon!

    more power!

  4. LordCM

    Oo nga eh. Nagka-award nga. I am glad. ^_^

    Arvin and FoongPC

    Thanks to you both.


    You are correct Einz. It is important that we find true friends in the blogging world without the need to compromise the truth.


    Ha ha ha...pamatay na comment. :-P

    Uy, salamat talaga sa award mo ha. ^_^


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