Petrol and Nitro RC Cars Rocks!

When I was a kid, I saw my neighbor playing a red remote-controlled (RC) car. My neighbor drove his remote-controlled car along our street, sidewalks and in around their backyard. My neighbor's RC car is so cool that I dreamed having of having one. I had asked my father everyday to buy me one RC car but I never got any.

I forgot about my dream of having a RC car until I saw pictures of Petrol RC Cars in a website. The RC cars that I saw is so cool that my neighbors RC car pales in comparison with them. The new RC cars that I saw were well engineered and have excellent features. One of the RC cars I saw has fully-assembled aluminum chassis and fully adjustable oil-filled shock absorbers.

Aside from the Petrol RC Cars, I also saw pictures of Nitro RC Cars. The difference between petrol remote-control cars and nitro petrol cars is the fuel that they used. Petrol RC cars uses petrol fuel that can be bought from local gasoline station. The nitro RC car uses nitro fuel that is available from shops dedicated for remote-controlled cars.

Petrol RC cars and Nitro RC cars that I saw have superb structure and high-performing engines. Remote-controlled car enthusisasts use these RC cars for racing and many of them are professional RC car racers.

I remember my dream of having RC car. That dream of mine came back and now I wish to own one petrol RC car or Nitro RC car.

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  1. i remember my brother when he used to have that before. inaagawan ko pa nga siya dati pero battery gamit nun. astig tong post mo ah. ngayon ko lang nalaman na fuel na talaga gami at nitro! asssttiigg!

  2. Tine

    Ngayon ko nga lang din nalaman na ptrol ang ginagamit ng mga RC cars ngayon. Ang alam ko lang dati eh battery lang.

  3. Gas Powered RC cars and Nitro RC cars that I saw have superb structure and high-performing engines.


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