One Night Stay at CBD Plaza Hotel

I reached Naga City at around 7 in the morning after traveling from Metro Manila to Naga City for 10 hours. I have a long day ahead so I decided to snatch few hours of sleep to reduce the exhaustion caused by the bus travel. Fortunately, my friend in Naga City already arranged everything. So, all I did was to walk a short distance from Naga City bus terminal to reach CBD Plaza Hotel.

CBD Plaza Hotel is one of the new hotels in Naga City. I believe that it is one of the most decent lodging places in the city. CBD Plaza Hotel is a four-storied building located along Ninoy and Cory Avenue, which just on the opposite side of the Naga City Bus Terminal. The hotel is just a walking distance away from SM City Naga.
CBD Plaza Hotel, Naga City
CBD Plaza Hotel, Naga City
My friend placed me in CBD Plaza Hotel’s “Single Room” that costs 1,000 pesos per night. The room is decent enough and is much better than the room that I stayed in when I am in Cebu. I forgot to take a photo of my room so I grabbed one from CBD Plaza Hotel website.
Single room - CBD Plaza Hotel
(Source: CBD Plaza Hotel website)
CBD Plaza Hotel offers six kinds of accommodation. The cheapest is the Economy, which cost 600 pesos for one person. The most expensive accommodation is the Executive Suite that has one queen-sized bed and two single beds. Executive Suites costs 2,800 pesos per night.

I am glad to discover that the hotel offers free breakfast for its patrons. I almost missed the free breakfast because the concierge didn’t inform me of the free breakfast. I am lucky enough to read about the free breakfast on the back of their key holder. The free breakfast is availed at Kakanon Bikol, which is the restaurant beside the hotel entrance. Usual morning meals available at Kakanon Bikol are coffee, sunny-side up egg, tocino, hotdog with fried rice. One person is entitled to one meal only. Kakanon Bikol doesn’t live up to its name because the restaurant lacks authentic ultra-hot Bicolano food. I ate dinner during my last night stay in Naga City and I failed to see any Bicolano dish in their menu.
View outside of CBD Plaza Hotel
The view from my room.
I experienced no problem during my whole stay in CBD Plaza Hotel. It is conveniently located near public transport terminals. The hotel has courteous personnel that are prompt to answer my calls. The only complaint that I have is the coupon for free breakfast. It is inconvenient for patrons to go to the front desk to ask for the free breakfast coupons. I think that it will be better if the coupons were given together with the room keys during check-in.

If you want more information about CBD Plaza Hotel, I suggest that you visit their website.

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  1. Ang gondo gondo nomom ng hotel hehe...pag nagawi ako ng Naga hanapin ko to heheh thnks for sharing!

  2. sulit naman kahit ganun ang presyo per night..

  3. Jag

    Sige ah. Madali lang naman hanapin ang CBD Plaza Hotel.


    Sulit nga.

  4. That's around RM70. So cheap... I would want to stay there...

  5. Come here to the Philippines Suitapui and visit Naga City.

  6. Naga city is great. night life is interesting. also it is so near to the CWC which is a very popular tourist spot in the country. You may also want to see the perfect-cone shaped volcano which is 3 hours drive away from this city. Enjoy hot springs there too!

    1. Thank you very much for the comment. Too bad that my stay in Naga City was very short that's why I didn't experience the night life and other things there.

      As for the volcano with the perfect cone, I already saw it when I visited Legazpi City.


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