What's Inside UP MSI?

During my college days, when I have classes in Math Building or the Physics Building, I usually pass in front of the building of UP MSI, which is also known as UP Marine Science Institute. UP MSI is the place where the best marine scientists in the Philippines study.

In the previous post (Passing by UP Diliman Lagoon), I said that I attended a training at UP MSI. Because of this training, I got the chance to enter the building of UP MSI.

Painting of deep-sea creatures, UP MSI.
A painting that shows various deep-sea creatures welcomes anyone who enters UP MSI. There are some sort of fish, squids and invertebrates that are shown on the painting.

Well, UP MSI is just like any building inside UP Diliman. Nothing special in the building. What are special in UP MSI are the people there. I had learned a great deal of things from UP MSI's marine scientists from a just a short training.


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  1. Wow, very interesting siguro yung training na yan kahit short lang.

  2. ang cute naman lalo na yung jellyfish na may mahahabang tentacles.. cute

  3. Interesting po talaga yung training na iyon. ^_^

  4. Hey I like that painting! Very nice! : )

  5. I love going for training when I was working. A welcome break from the mundane daily routine - something different for a change.

  6. @Foong:

    I love the painting too. :-)


    Yes sir, trainings are best way to break the routine of our daily work. Also, trainings are good venue to increase our knowledge.

  7. wow... astig! ano ba talaga work mo kuya ish? :)))


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