How Birth Control Pill Kills

I found this educational poster/cartoon from the I Oppose the RH Bill FB page. It is in Filipino/Tagalog language and it talks about how birth control pills kill a newly formed life inside the mother's womb.

*Please click the image to view it on a larger screen.

For non-Filipino readers of my blog, here is the translation of the wordings in this poster/cartoons.


"Life begins the moment the egg cell of a woman and the sperm cell of a man join. This fact is agreed upon by the Philippine Medical Association. Birth control pills work by preventing ovulation. However, there are instances that birth control pill fails and breakthrough ovulation occurs. Because of this, it is possible that the sperm and egg cell can still meet and form a new life."


"One effect of birth control pills is the thinning of the uterine lining (a.k.a. endometrium). The thinning of the uterine lining prevents the newly formed baby from implanting to the uterine lining."


"Because the newly formed baby can't implant to the uterine lining, the baby will die and will be go out of the mother's womb. This is a clear case of Chemical Abortion."

Bottom Part:

"Remember: Birth Control Pill, which is also known as contraceptive pill, is deadly. Users of the pill don't have knowledge that they are already killing the baby inside their womb because of the abortifacient effect of birth control pills. Stop using birth control pills. Respect and protect life."


More information about contraceptive pills can be read at Filipinos for Life.

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  1. Any fertility clinics in the Philippines? I would think those are worse... Try incubating a lot,choose the fertilised one they want and they get rid of the rest. I know people do that so that they can determine the sex of the baby or they want to have twins...etc....

  2. I heard that there are some fertility clincs but they are illegal so they do their work away from the eyes of authorities.

    Yeah, that is worse. That is why I don't approve of in-vitro fertilization and similar procedures.

  3. I also do not agree on birth control pills. We should not play God.

  4. very informative. Kailangan itong ituro sa lahat para maging aware sila sa totoong nangyayari.

    GAnoon na lang ba ang buhay. REspect life para respetuhin ka rin ng sarili mong buhay na hiram mo lang sa diyos.

  5. @Diamond:

    Tama ka po boss. Many people stop respecting life at ang gusto na nila ay makapagtalik nang hindi nag-aalala sa responsibilidad.

  6. ang birth control pills ay isang example ng kasakiman...
    isipin na lang nila yung ibang mag-asawa na halos gawin na ang lahat magkaanak lamang sila tapos sila parang balewala lang na masayang yung buhay ng baby.. tsk tsk tsk
    I am not into RH Bill too

  7. sorry for not being here around for such a long time. Been very busy lately but i am happy to be back now...hooray!

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  9. have a great day and happy blogging

  10. @Blue:

    Tama ka. Ang contraceptive pills ay kasakiman. Ito rin ay isang uri ng pagiging makasarili dahil imbes na tanggapin kung ano ang responsibilidad na kaugnay ng mga pinaggagawa ng mga tao ay mas pinipili pa nilang umiwas at tumakas.

    Sige Blue, I will help you in the contest. :-D

  11. @Kuya Arvin:

    Yes, I am. I am against the RH Bill.


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