Artificial Family Planning Tools are Dangerous

Promoters of the Reproductive Health Bill (HB 4244) say that they are pushing for medically-safe artificial family planning methods. Safe? Do they know what they are talking about? Or maybe they want to downplay the risks of artificial family planning tools so that their contraceptive businesses will continue being profitable. Let's hear from condom, birth control pill and IUD how safe they are:

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Yup, that's true. These artificial family planning tools are not that medically-safe. They have their own risks and I believe that it is time for the government and artificial family planning businesses to broadcast the truth.

Condoms, for instance, are being marketed as a perfect artificial family tool to keep men from making their sex partners pregnant and prevent from contracting sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). This is untrue. Condoms have failure rate of 10% to 15% and you can still make a woman pregnant because of manufacture defects, breakage and slippage. Condoms do not guarantee "safe-sex" because it does not guarantee that it can block HIV or AIDS virus 100%. Also, other STDs like genital warts can also be contracted even if condoms work perfectly.

Birth control pills, on the other hand, bring a host of grave side-effects to women like breast cancer and liver cancer. This fact is admitted by ex-DOH Secretary Esperanza Cabral in a radio interview.

Intra-uterine devices or IUD creates holes inside the womb and migrates to colon. This happens because the woman's body treats IUD as a foreign object and does its best to remove it inside the womb. Because of this, the womb gets affected and gets "eaten" by IUD in the process. That's why it can create holes on uterine lining.

It is bad that legislators pushing the passage of Reproductive Health Bill are silent on these facts regarding the artificial family planning tools that RH Bill promotes. When will they say to the public that artificial family planning tools have negative effects to our health? C'mon Edcel Lagman, do a Cabral and admit the truth.


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