Frenzy Christmas Shopping in Divisoria

The Christmas Season is on. The people are frantic in shopping for gifts and Christmas decors. Divisoria, that area in Manila known for cheap products, are filled to the brim with these frantic shoppers.

Crowded Recto Avenue in Divisoria
People, people everywhere at Recto Avenue, Divisoria.

My Beloved and I are unfortunate because some of our suppliers for the wedding are located in Divisoria. We were forced to dive in Divisoria's sea of humanity everytime we visit the place.

Last week, we visited our mananahi for the second fitting of my Beloved's wedding gown. We took the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping.

Earrings for sale in 168 Mall, Divisoria

My Beloved made the first buy. She bought earrings for her nieces and goddaughters in a stall in 168 Mall. Each earring costs 35 pesos but we got them in wholesale price of 20 pesos because we bought 7 pieces.

Cheap earring bought from Divisoria

The earrings are definitely cheap but they look elegant enough. I bet that my Beloved's nieces and goddaughters will like them.

Divisoria is the place to go to for cheap Christmas items. People know this that's why they flock to 168 Mall, 999 Mall and the streets of Divisoria. It is so crowded that I got irritated because we couldn't get a seat in McDonalds. We waited for a long time before we got a space to eat in that fastfood joint.

My Beloved enjoyed our many trips to Divisoria despite the crowd. There are so many things that she can buy cheaply. I think that Divisoria has the power to unleash the shopaholic tendencies of my Beloved. She always have something to bring home everytime we visit Divisoria.

Another item that she bought is a bag that costs 50 pesos.

Cheap bags for sale in Divisoria

Since we are going to Divisoria, my Mom asked us to buy a Christmas tree and Christmas lanterns. Well, we did what she commanded. We bought her Christmas trees and lanterns and of course some Christmas decors like balls and lights.

Christmas decors from Divisoria

The Christmas tree costs 350 pesos. The big balls are 100 pesos for 20 pieces while the small balls are 25 pesos for 12 pieces. 5-meter long LED Christmas lights costs 120 pesos. The star costs 25 pesos. All in all, we spent 620 pesos which is cheap especially if it is compared with the prices in the malls.

If your going to Divisoria to buy Christmas gifts, I suggest that you increase your patience because you will experience colliding with many people or will be crushed by the crowd or your feet trampled upon or talking to exhausted (ill-tempered) vendors.

Night market in Juan Luna Street, Divisoria

There is no respite even in the evening. Hordes of shoppers flock Divisoria for the night market.

Divisoria is so crowded this Christmas Season so be prepared when you go to Divisoria. Increase your patience, be alert to the pickpockets, hone your haggling skills and then dive to the sea of shoppers. Of course, don't forget to enjoy Christmas shopping in Divisoria.

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  1. I do find the names or the numbers of the malls intriguing. They are in numbers! I do not like crowded places especially if I have to carry something big out of Divisoria and then look for a cab. Gruelling! If I need to buy in bulk, ok, the savings are great. Hope you got all you need for Christmas!

    1. I believe the numbers in the malls' names are lucky numbers. Alam mo naman ang mga Chinese mahilig sa lucky. I agree with you. Divisoria is for people who are buying in bulk. We got what we need po. :-)

  2. Grabe! Saludo ako sa inyo! I never go to Divi in December because of the crowds! Ibang klase talaga. =(

    1. Thank you po. Grabe po talaga sa Divi. Parang madudurog ang katawan ko sa dami ng tao.

  3. mukang ganyan eksena namen bukas haha,
    sana mabudget ko ng malupet ung pera ko
    at makabili ng madameng gift

  4. magkano po 5feet or 6 feet christmas tree?


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