New on Jollibee Menu: Jollibee Float

I am sure that everyone is familiar with this one:
Source: Marcus Castle.

That is the McDonalds Coke Float, which is also known as McFloat. Just recently, Jollibee placed a new item on the Jollibee Menu and that is the Jollibee Float.

A float is just a simple softdrink placed with a float, which could either be an ice cream or a sundae.
Source: Jollibee.

I was surprised to see this new addition to the Jollibee Menu so me and my beloved tried it one time. Well, there is nothing special with Jollibee Float. It is just a coke with a sundae on top. I believe that the McFloat tastes better than the Jollibee Float because their ice cream or sundae is better.

I think that Jollibee will continue innovating the Jollibee Menu and they will improve the Jollibee Float. But as of now, if I am looking for a float, I would go to McDonalds.

How about you? What do you think of the Jollibee Float?


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  1. it looks yummeh! when r u going to treat me this one? :p

  2. Caroline:

    If visit us here in the Philippines, I will treat you one Jollibee Float. ^_^

  3. no no for float hehehe... not really into it... whether Mcdo or Jollibee hahaha... I prefer to eat and drink them separately

  4. Bluedreamer:

    Bakit naman ayaw mo? Maghahalo din naman yung ice cream at softdrinks sa tiyan mo eh. :-P

  5. namiss ko tuloy bigla ung jolibee, wala dito nyan eh :(

  6. I've tried that na pero mas type ko lasa ng Mcfloat!

  7. Oh! New menu from Jollibee? I think I prefer sundaes to floats. Love McD sundaes! Have not tried any desserts from Jollibee : )

  8. LordCM:

    Teka. Sabihin ko sa may-ari ng Jollibee na magpatayo ng branch d'yan sa Palau.


    Ako rin Ate Anney. Parehas tayo.


    I prefer sundaes too. They taste better than floats.

  9. Not into floats. Prefer just ice cream or sundaes... McD's are nice.

  10. Suitapui

    You are not into floats too like Bluedreamer. Well, yeah, I guess the reason for that is that Coke dilute the taste of sundae that's why that does not taste good to both of you.

  11. I have tasted the Jollibee float but the strawberry falovor, also i'm a Mcdo kid, loyal talaga ko sa kanila dahil sa happy meal nila simula nung bata pa ko, hahahahha.

    Pero ngayon, i wondered, anu nga ba ang sinasabi mung kaibhan nito sa Mcdonald's? hmmmmmmm..... :)

    mura ang mcfloat yun lang ang lam ko!, haha

  12. Ish, I haven't tried this...but I did try their sprite watermelon float. It's great! I always make sure I get one when I order at Jollibee. :)

  13. Steve

    Ano ang kaibahan? Tikman mo nang malaman mo. ^_^

    Ate Liza

    Ate Liza!!! Na-miss kita dito ah. Hope you are doing fine. Hindi ko pa nasubukan yung watermelon float ng Jollibee. My younger brother bought one and say that he doesn't like the watermelon float. Oh, well, it depends upon the person.

  14. anong bang difference ng float sa mcdo at jollibee? tingin ko parehas lang naman.. pero mas trip ko ung watermelon ng jobee. :)

  15. Tine

    Aba. Two points na yung watermelon float ah. Masubukan nga yun later. :-)

  16. request nman d ba kau mgkakaron ng jollibee sa japan....!

  17. thank you for the info.. if it's ok I'd like to use this for our marketing plan regarding Jollibee coke floats and its varieties.. I'll put your blog's url for reference.. alright? ~(a_a~)

  18. Anon

    Ewan ko kung kelan magtayo ng branch ang Jollibee sa Japan. :-D


    Sure. No problem.

  19. yey.. thanks for allowing me to use this for my paper


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