Our Koh Samet Island Nightlife

Our trip around Koh Samet Island didn't end after the sunset. Since the island is still awake during the evening, our group decided to stay awake also. We knew that Koh Samet Island has interesting sights during the night.

Restaurant beside the sea in Koh Samet Island

We saw empty tables and cushions on the beach during our day trip along Sai Kaew Beach. Well, the place is not so empty anymore during the night. Many tourists came to the beach restaurant to dine on some delicious Thai food.

Dinner Time at Koh Samet Island

Our Thai office mate wanted us to taste as many Thai dishes as we could eat so we ordered plenty of food. Here are some of them:

Seafood of Koh Samet Island
Squid dish with veggies.
Soup and Shrimp dish at Koh Samet Island
A bowl of soup and shrimp dish.

Fried fish dish at Koh Samet Island
Fried fish

I can't recall the name of each dish, all of which are seafood. What I can only remember is that each dish is delicious and we enjoyed our dinner.

We were happily munching our dinner when a group teens made a fiery appearance.

Fire dancer

The fire dancer performed amazing tricks. It is a show to behold. They even used fireworks during their dance.

Fire Dancer Blurry in Koh Samet Island

The show was free of charge. The fire dancers only asked their audience for donations.

Red dots near the moon of Koh Samet Island

Looking up the sky, we noticed some orange lights floating near the moon. We debated if those were stars, planets or even UFOs. We were wrong because those lights are sky lanterns. Of course we were excited to light a sky lantern.

Blurry lights at Koh Samet Island
Oooooops...blurry photo.

Lighting a sky lantern may look easy but it took us many minutes before we managed to fly one. Sky lantern operates like a hot air balloon. So, we waited a long time for the lantern to be filled with hot air.

Sky lantern at Koh Samet Island
Good bye sky  lantern.

Sky lanterns were blamed for the fire that razed some parts of Metro Manila last New Year's Eve. Sky lanterns are dangerous if lighted in the city. But I believe that they are safe if lighted at the beach because the general direction of the wind during the evening is seaward. Falling sky lantern will be extinguished by the sea.

Dinner was over but our night had just began. We roamed Sai Kaew Island to see some sights like this sleeping dog:

Black dog of Koh Samet Island

There are other restaurants too...

Restaurant on Koh Samet Island

..and other seaside vendors like at this small roti pancake stall.

Roti pancake stall at Koh Samet Island

We didn't see any night club like the ones in Pattaya and I like it. There are many times that an office mate invited me to go to Pattaya but I was hesitant because I don't want to see the “shower bars”, night clubs or other places where women (and even “sex-changed” men) are prostituted.

Our group ended our night by going to a bar dedicated to Bob Marley. The bar promised good music and good singers of Bob Marley songs. Too bad that they didn't made good of their promise because the singers are terrible. Well at least the beer is good.

Koh Samet Island - Leo Beer from Reggae Pub


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  1. Looks like a great place to chill out! Nice dining by the beach! : )

  2. Did you make a wish before letting go the sky lantern? : )

  3. Oh so there's no night club over here? Yes, Pattaya is full of them!

  4. LOL! The singers are terrible? At least you enjoyed the beer! : )

  5. I like being at the beach at night time rather than day time haha
    well i'm just not a sunny person. anyway those foods were just
    so perfect and it suits the ambiance too

  6. wow! it reminded me of boracay. and i love bob marley reggae songs ;-)

    1. Bob Marley's song is good basta hindi lang terible yung kumakanta ng kanta n'ya.

  7. I love Thai food...very nice. Ya, the night life is a main attraction...but not for me. Too old, and even when I went there when I was much younger, I did not go for those. Not a fun guy, me...so boring! LOL!!!

  8. reminds me of Boracay. A little overcrowded na rin. =)


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