End of the Month Roundup - May 2013

I promised at the start of May that I will feature some shopping places in Bangkok. Well, I’m glad to say that I managed to post about the three shopping places that I visited during my 6-month stay in Thailand.

So many things had happened during this month. I felt that it passed very quickly and now the second half of the year is almost upon us. Time flies very very fast indeed!

There is a big challenge for my country in the month of May. We, the Filipino people, were challenged to elect government leaders who are worthy to serve the nation. I know that many people will be offended but I believe that we failed in this challenge. The electorate still chose politicians who have dubious reputations.

It is frustrating but whining and complaining will not solve any problem. The result of the current elections just showed that there is more work to be done to educate the electorate. I do hope that those who are complaining about the past election start doing what they could to solve the country’s problems

May was also an exciting month for me and my Beloved. We already selected the church and date of our wedding. We know that it is just the first step and that we have a lot of things to do. This makes me jittery. May I request a prayer from you, my friends, for the sake of our wedding preparations?

I said earlier that I talked about some shopping places for this month. Actually, I only talked about three shopping places because these are the only places where I shopped in Bangkok. These shopping places are:

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Clock tower of Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is my favorite shopping center in Bangkok. It is the shopping mecca for Thai souvenirs and thousands of tourists visit the place. I think that I visited Chatuchak more than 3 times in search for souvenirs that I will bring back to the Philippines for my friends and love ones.

Siam Center

Big glasses in Siam Center, Bangkok

Siam Center is my least favorite shopping center in Bangkok. I know that this place is upscale, elegant and features high-end products from popular brands. I am not attracted to this mall because the products being sold here can also be found in the big malls in the Philippines.

Mahboonkrong Center

Mahboonkrong, Bangkok

Mahboonkrong is my second favorite shopping place in Bangkok. This shopping place is also popular with tourists because of the many Thai souvenirs being sold here. The positive thing with Mahboonkrong is that it strikes a balance between Chatuchak and Siam Center. This place is less chaotic (unlike Chatuchak) but not upscale enough to drive away bargain hunters.

I know that these three shopping centers are not the only shopping places in Bangkok. There are scores of them scattered all throughout the city. Maybe you know of the other shopping centers, so please share them to us.

The month of May is already done. I do hope that all of you had beautiful experiences during this month. Let us look forward for a blessed month of June.

End of the Month Roundup is the monthly segment of this blog that summarizes all the adventures that I featured for the month.

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  1. I am so happy to hear your wedding preps, as well as a new step you will be venturing. Congratulations and best wishes!

  2. You're getting married? When's the big day? All the best to you and your other half, God bless you two with eternal happiness. Can't wait to see the photos.

  3. Wow naman parekoy! huge congrats and best wishes sa inyo ni future wife mo :)

  4. Praying for you. Don't worry. The most important thing is you and your Beloved will be united as one soon. Good luck and best wishes! =)

    As for the preparations, I suggest list down the things you know you will need muna and go from there. Work around that (budgeting and such), then kung meron pang extra cash, then add more stuff that you want pa.

    If you want, drop me an email christine00900@yahoo.com (FB pwede rin pero I don't log in na masyado. Heheh!) I have a list you can use that can help you out in your preps. Kaya nyo yan! =)

    1. Maraming salamat po sa pagbibigay ng inyong tulong. :-)

  5. well just "if ever" i manage to tarvel there, I know where to go'!
    now this reminds me na june na pala

  6. Getting married soon? Congrats! Feeling the jitters? : )

  7. Did you visit Terminal 21 in Bangkok? I kinda like that mall because of its airport theme and toilets! : )


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