An Infiltrator in KofC Building, Intramuros

Last month, Filipinos for Life hosted a pro-life forum that was held inside the KofC building located inside Intramuros. Because of this, I got the chance to infiltrate the Manila headquarters of KofC in Manila. What is KofC? Well, KofC stands for Knights of Columbus.

KofC or the Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization established by Father Michael McGivney in Connecticut in the year 1881. Father McGivney intended the new organization  to serve in supporting the families left behind by members who died. During the time of Father McGivney, Catholic immigrants do intensive works and many of them die because of hard work. Catholic immigrants do not have an organization to support them and their families, that is why Father McGivney started the KofC as a sort of organization that provide insurance to its members.
Christopher Columbus
KofC was so named in honor of Christopher Columbus, who is a devout Catholic and is look upon by Catholics during the time of Father McGivney. This is also a sort of mild rebuke to the Anglo-Saxons in America who also honor Columbus but discriminate Catholics during that time.

KofC was established by the Americans in the 1905 inside Intramuros. Membership grew because many people were attracted in joining KofC. I saw this statue in front of the KofC building:
Father George Willman, SJ
That is Father George Willman who served KofC in the Philippines from 1948 to 1978. Members of KofC in the Philippines honor Father Willman because the KofC in the Philippines became strong under his leadership. KofC is advancing the beatification of this strong and wise knight.

Inside the KofC hall is this painting:

That is the painting showing Father George Willman. Well, Father Willman is really honored by the KofC in the Philippines.


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  1. good painting..tiyak mahal iyan kung ibenta..

  2. ah my late grandpa was an active member of Knights of Columbus here in Cavite Branch...
    Naalala ko nung libing nga lolo ko sobrang dami nilang umatend just to pay tribute...

    and lola at mama ko naman au active sa Cursillo.

  3. @Arvin:

    Oo nga eh. Hindi ko nga lang alam kung sino yung nagpinta ng painting na iyon.


    Wow! That's great! Active pala si lolo mo sa KofC. Good for him. ^_^

  4. ang nag paint nyan ay isang Pari from, Northern Samar, also a member of knights of clumbus..he is Msgr. Gaspar Balerite, a priest, writer & a painter....


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