Passing by UP Diliman Lagoon

Last month, my office me sent me to a short training in my alma mater UP Diliman or formally known as University of the Philippines – Diliman. In previous posts, I already talked about UP Diliman, which me and my beloved visited one time. I also talked about the time when my brother when to UP Diliman to take the UPCAT.

When I went to the Marine Science Institute, I passed through here:
UP Lagoon in UP Diliman
(Source: Phlog)
That is the famous UP Lagoon. Actually it is not a lagoon but just an area with a small lake that was connected to the small creek that pass through the middle of the Campus. During summer days when there is no rain, the "lagoon" is even missing because it is dried up  because of the heat.

UP Lagoon is close to me because I usually pass through this area during my college years. I always enter the campus through the Ylanan Street entrance and take a shortcut via UP Lagoon for my classes in Palma Hall, College of Arts and Letters, Physics Building and the Math Building. Aside from being my usual shortcut, UP Lagoon is close to my heart because of this:
(Source: Digital Photographer Philippines)
Those are trees inside UP Lagoon where I usually eat my packed lunch. Since I am a loner back then, I prefer to eat alone either in CASAA (a canteen or eatery near Palma Hall) or beneath the shades of those trees when CASAA is jam packed with students. It is refreshing to eat beneath the shade of those trees and sometimes I miss those days.

Inside UP Lagoon is this statue:
The Sewing of Philippine Flag, UP Diliman Lagoon
The statue depicts the Agoncillo sisters at the time when they are sewing the flag that was used during the declaration of Philippine Independence by Emilio Aguinaldo.

UP Lagoon is a good place to stay, especially for loners like me. Well, it is good to be back to see one of my old haunts during my college years. If I can only visit the UP Diliman Library, which is another of my favorite haunt, then my visit to UP Diliman would have been complete.


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  1. Sige ikaw na loner... lels... but hey masarap naman kasi tumambay sa lilim lalo pa pag punuan sa canteen... hehehehehehe...

  2. This has got to be the loveliest campus in the very nice!

  3. Pagbabalik tanaw sa mga nakaraan.
    Magandang past time yan.Madalas kong gawin yan. Sayang ang mga panahong yon di pa uso ng blogging or digital camera.

  4. nau parehas nga pala taung loner... malamang ito din magiging tambayan ko kung nandyan ako hehe

  5. Ganda naman! May mini lagoon pala dyan.

  6. hindi halatang loner ka kuya ish! :) kala ko dun mo dinadala ung mga dinedate mo eh. :))

  7. @Xprosaic:

    Oo naman. Masarap talaga makikain sa ilalim ng puno. Tapos kapag may pispis ka sa kinain mo eh ibigay mo sa mga langgam at insekto. :-)


    Oo nga po eh. Balik ala-ala. Sa inyo po maraming puno kaya I am sure mahilig din kayong pumwesto sa lilim ng mga puno.


    Malamang nga. :-P


    Meron pong mini-lagoon sa UP Diliman pero hindi naman po ganoon kaganda. Madumi po yung tubig eh.


    Haha...ikaw. Wala akong girlfriend noong college ako. Puro aral lang at part-time jobs.

  8. siguro masarap tumambay diyan tapos may mga bato....itapon sa lagoon na iyan ng paunti unti..

  9. @Arvin:

    Masarap po talagang mag-tambay sa UP Diliman Lagoon.

  10. Reminiscing about your college days? : )

  11. Wow! You have a "lagoon" there? Nice!

  12. Ooh! I would love to have my lunch under those trees. So much greenery and so peaceful! I'm sure you enjoyed your lunch under the trees last time? : )

  13. @Foong:

    Yeah. Indeed, I am reminiscing my college life. No. UP Diliman Lagoon is just a fake lagoon, it is more of a small lake of filthy creek water., I did not ate there the last time I visited UP Diliman. I took my lunch inside UP Marine Science Institute.

  14. gusto ko talaga makapunta sa UP..

  15. Megumi

    Punta ka dito sa Metro Manila nang makabisita ka sa UP Diliman.


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