Marvin the Martian Meets Cherry Blossoms

The good thing about having friends is that they can throw you some surprises. I was indeed surprised when two of my far-away friends gave me unexpected gifts for even if there is no special occasion.

Cherry Blossoms

I am glad to receive a letter from my friend in Japan. He is my classmate in one of my subjects during my first year in the University of the Philippines. Apparently, he remembered me as the very first person who talked to him when he came to the university. He is an Ifugao and came from the Mountain Province. I never met him again after the end of my freshman years.
This is another addition to my collection of personal mementos.

So, I much surprised to receive a letter from him and some petals of Sakura Blossoms. Very nice! I am yet to reach Japan but I already touched the flowers that are famous in animes.

And this Time Its Marvin

I was also surprised last week when a large package came to my home. To my surprise it is a very big Marvin the Martian pillow.
He points a gun at me while I sleep. Bad Marvin!

Marvin the Martian is my favorite Looney Tunes character and I am so glad to receive this kind of surprise gift. My friend gave me this as a treat for my friend’s first salary. Because I am so glad, I have changed my Facebook profile picture into this image of Marvin the Martian.
 I am very angry. ^_^


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  1. LOL!!! So cute that angry cartoon... Lucky you, getting gifts from people. How come I don't get anything??? Sobs!!! LOL!!!

  2. Yeah. Marvin the Martian rocks!

    STP, don't you worry, greater gifts will come your way.

  3. Wow! You're lucky to have friends like them. :)

  4. Heya Mariel. ^_^

    Missed you here on my blog.

    Yes, I am lucky and I am glad to have them as friends.

  5. Aww... ang babait naman ng mga friends mo ^_^

    Natuwa ako dun sa real cherry blossom na pinadala sayo :)

  6. it's good to have friends like that.. :)

  7. Wow! So nice to receive unexpected gifts, yes? Now where's mine? : )

  8. @Fiel-kun and Shirleen:

    Yah, they are really nice. I am glad to have them as friends. They are the ones who my life happier.

    Thanks for the visit parekoy. At sa iyo rin Shirleen. I'll be visiting your blog.


    Want a surprise gift? I'll be sending you some bamboo shoots straight from the Philippines. I know pandas love bamboo shoots.

  9. Friends like them are EXTRAORDINARY. kEEP the friendsip burning! You are lucky to have them.

  10. Wow ang thoughtful naman ng mga kaibigan mo... pakilala mo naman ako sa kanila... ahahahahhahahahha... jowk lang...

  11. @Faye

    Yes Ate. I will treasure them. They are one of the many best buddies I have in this world.


    Haha....ganun ha. Sige ba. No problemo. ^_^

  12. wow they are thoughtful...cherry blossoms and marvin the nice

    sorry for the late visit

  13. Ok lang yung Nicxter. Ako nga 'yung super late bumisita eh. ^_^

  14. You really help me on what I supposed to give to my love one. This saves me a lot of time. I am looking forward to your other gift ideas.

  15. Hi Gifts,

    I a glad that I am of some help to you. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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