A Grace of Friendship

I went to Davao two years ago to gain further experience in practicing my profession as an engineer. However, without foresight, I had also gained a good friendship that survives up until now.

Megumi had been a best pal even though he had just met for a few moments and were separated by a great distance. Due to her, I began to believe that friendship is not just based on how many times friends have seen each other personally. Friendship relies heavily on the sincerity that friends share with each other.

In our life, people come and go but there are those who stick with us in the time of happiness and in the time of distress. These people are what we human beings treasure greatly and what we call as friends.

Thankfully, I thank God to have sent me to Davao to meet a good and sincere person that is Megumi.

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  1. Megumi... what a nice name... sound like Japanese

  2. so true.. the test of friendship is not just base on how often you see each other! Cheers!

  3. Hi Blue ^_^

    Yeah. am just so glad to have met this friend of mine. Thank goodness that God let me met this wonderful person.

    And I have more reasons to be thankful to God because of meeting many friends by chance. I believe that God's providence is at work in my friendships.

  4. megumi sounds familiar..hehehe
    its me..hehehe
    thanks for the blog post ish...:-)
    touch naman ako.

  5. You are welcome.

    A promise is a promise.

  6. nice name indeed! treasure the friendship, ish and megumi! :)

  7. Thank you very much Liza. ^_^ It is good to meet nice fellow everywhere in our country at kasama ka na doon kababayan ko.

  8. Friendship goes str0nger n0t by the go0d times you shared but with the toughest times you are together..friends are our refuge..the b0nd goes deeper..X)

  9. I totally agree with you there nicxter.

    True friendship are tested during the tough days when the sky is grim.

  10. True friends are those that stick with you through thick and thin. Not many friends are like that but those that are, we must treasure them and appreciate their friendships! : )

  11. @Foong:

    I agree. Friends like those are much valuable than gold.

    Thank you the visit. :-)


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