A Visitor's Comment on Batis Aramin Hotel and Resort

Batis Aramin Hotel and Resort is located in the outskirts of Lucban in Quezon Province. The developer of this resort balanced nature and man-made developments. Batis Aramin has three resorts, a multi-purpose hall and rooms for rent in the midst of trees and greeneries. Thus, a visitor can experience both the relaxing mood of nature and the comfort brought by the amenities.

The fee for entering the resort for day tour (6 AM to 5 PM) is 80 pesos and 60 pesos for adult and children respectively. For the night tour (5 PM to 6 AM), the fee is 100 pesos for adult and 80 pesos for the kids. This is, of course, exclusive of the fee for rooms.
Entrance to Batis Aramin Resort
The entrance to Batis Aramin Resort.

How to Go to Batis Aramin Resort

The resort is just a tricycle ride away from the center of Lucban. Anyone planning to visit this resort could hire a public tricycle at a cost of 50 Pesos. Tricycle drivers already know the location of the resort and they will drop visitors inside the resort’s premises.

If you are coming from Metro Manila, then you could ride a provincial bus going to Lucban and ride a tricycle in the town. Batis Aramin is not recommended for those who do not wish to have a long travel time since going to Lucban coming from Manila takes about 4 hours. See the Part I of this post for information regarding Lucban and how to get there.

Amenities in Batis Aramin Resort

Batis Aramin is good in terms of amenities. The resort has plenty of rooms, which made it perfect for company outings. There are large rooms with four large beds (each bed can accommodate two persons). Also, there are rooms that are suitable for couples. Each room has a TV and a thermos for those who can’t live without a cup of coffee.

Every visitor is provided with a towel, soap, a Batis Aramin branded shampoo, and a sachet of powdered coffee. Just be cautious with the shampoo though, because it may harm your hair. I ddn't feel comfortable with the shampoo when I used it.
A room inside Batis Aramin Resort
A room in Batis Aramin Resort.

Batis Aramin Resort has three swimming pools. One is a kiddie pool and the others are pools for adults. What I noticed with their pools is the lack of maintenance. The kiddie pool, for instance, was dirty and I saw that no one used it during my whole stay. The other pools are OK and lifeguards are available to assist their visitors.
Kiddie pool of Batis Aramin
The kiddie pool of Batis Aramin Resort.
This the only pool in Batis Aramin with slide.
The only pool in Batis Aramin Resort that has slide.

There is a function hall that is suitable for company outings and clan reunions. The resort staff can also serve food and prepare the hall for special occasions.

Foods, Drinks and Activities in Batis Aramin Resort

Bringing your own food is allowed in Batis Aramin Resort. Bringing in your own beer or other beverages is also allowed. Those who don't have their own food and drinks need not worry because the resort has a store that sells beer, other beverages and snacks. It is open even late at night and even delivers cases of beer directly to visitor's rooms. If you do not like their food, then the resort is just a tricycle ride away from Lucban, which has many restaurants and stores.

In the middle of the resort is a small river that flows lazily. The resort has boats that could be used by visitors for boating. The river is dirty and smelly during my visit because it just rained. I think that the resort management find a way to keep the river clean even during the rainy season clean to make the resort more beautiful.
Muddy river of Batis Aramin Resort
Muddy river inside Batis Aramin Resort.

The resort also has videoke machines for those who want to sing their lungs out. This resort is also just on the other side of the highway of the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine. Visitors of Batis Aramin can just walk toward the grotto. The full story for Kamay ni Hesus Shrine is on the third installment of this series.


Caution for Visitors


Many walkways and stairs inside the resort have no handrails. Accidents may happen anytime because some people might fall from these stairs and walkways.
Here are the other photos inside the resort:
Muddy river of Batis Aramin Resort
Muddy river.
Fountain of Batis Aramin Resort
Fountain at the courtyard.
Trees and grass of Batis Aramin Resort

Batis Aramin is a nice resort. Good swimming pools, nice environment, and nice rooms. People who will reach the resort will enjoy it.


This blog post is a continuation of the blog post A Piece of Quezon (Part I).


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  1. Nice resort pero medyo hindi maganda yung river.

    1. Yun yung isang problem na napansin ko sa resort na iyon. Mas maganda kung malilinis nila iyon


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