I Love You Betty

At last a local prime time show that is worthy of praise. “I Love Betty la Fea” of ABS-CBN is a nice show to watch, an excellent version of the Latin original and a good adaptation to the Filipino people.

I Love Betty la Fea is a welcome respite from a series of dumb and boring local soap operas. I am not ashamed to admit that I love watching and their “kilig” factor between the shows characters Betty and Armando affects me.

Kudos to Bea Alonzo and to John Lloyd. The two of them are one of the best young stars of the local showbiz. Their chemistry is great and no other team-up could top them.

I hope that the show continue its good storytelling and eventually amp it up in the future. There’s one flaw though, I am getting sick of the product placement in the show. They should minimize it in the future.
All in all, I give I Love Betty la Fea a score of five out of five.

On Other Shows

Pinoy Fear Factor is a fluke. Too bad that the respectable Ryan Agoncillo is its host. I just can’t understand the objective of their show. In the end, Pinoy Fear Factor is just a bigger version of GMA’s Extra Challenge

Survivor Philippines, on the other hand, is getting interesting. Sometimes, I can’t take watching because of too much scheming and backstabbing in the show. And I don’t like Marlon. I hope that he get the boot next week.

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