Busy Busy Busy and Many Other Things

Aaahh! Two weeks without visiting the net is hard for me nowadays. Maybe I am now turning into an internet junkie and work keep interfering this little hobby of mine (which of course is blogging). Ika nga ng isa kong tropa --- abala lang ang trabaho sa laro.

On and Off Friend

I was dumped --- again.

No. I was not courting anybody. The one who dumped me was supposedly a friend of mine. Her reason in dumping me is the boyfriend of hers is jealous or something like that.

She “broke” up with me via an SMS saying: “Please erase my number and never text me again.”

A lousy ending, but that’s fine. If you’re a friend, I will stand by you whatever your decision is. So I am standing by for you my dear friend. But if this is the case, why is her decision has some bitter after taste?


Time sure flow fast and now I reached and finished my 6 months of being on probation in my post in the agency where I work for.

Three days of exams were all it took to finish our probationary status. I hope I passed the exams and get promoted.

Tooth Decay

Nangingilo ang ngipin ko ngayon. I decided to go to a dentist and have my pearly whites examined. The verdict: cleaning is needed and 10 molars required pasta. This is the effect of not visiting any dentist since grade school and eating loads of sweets every now and then.

The dentist decided to start with my right molars since those teeth were the most damaged. The removal of the decaying teeth crown is painful as the dentist drills those parts away. After the drilling, my right molars felt as if they are empty shells.

I am still getting used to my teeth filled with “pasta” and my left molars will be subjected to the same predicament in the next sweldo day. At least now I know why many kids are afraid of the dentists.

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  1. I hate people like that. I hate the guy for being jealous. Why don't he just trust his girl? And i hate the girl for allowing his boyfriend to control her. Ugh. Very petty and immature. Sorry.

    Well, anyway, it's nice that you're back. Have a great week! ;)

  2. eeep.. i hate dentists too!!!
    uy.. promotion.. sana maipasa mo ang exams.. goodluck and congrats in advance!

  3. ingatan mo kase ngipin..
    paano na killer smile naten nyan?hehehe
    prone k n sa halitosis...
    sayang ang ngipin ampanget magsmile pagsira ang ngipin...


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