Finally Done Reading Harry Potter

Finally, after many years of intermittent readings, I am through with the Harry Potter series. Kudos to J.K. Rowling for creating this wonderful book series. Harry Potter series is one of my favorite literary series of all time.

In Harry Potter series, Rowling created a world inside a world. A world of wizards and witches which are hidden from ordinary humans. She used the common and mundane things in Britain and transformed them into objects where magic is brewing. Her work is so captivating that it is no wonder that a big movie company took her story and made it into a thrilling film.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The Story

Harry Potter series is the story that capitalizes on the commonly used theme of “battle between good and evil.” The story is centered on the two polarizing characters, Harry Potter and Tom Riddle (the one who called himself as Lord Voldemort). Harry Potter is the represents the good while Voldemort is the representation of evil. What is great about this series is that even though Harry Potter is the representative of good things, he does not fall into the template of the usual good guys – persons with clean heart and couldn’t hurt anyone (Harry used unforgivable curses many times in the series).

The series also harped up on the theme that is also present in the society of Britain and Europe. That is racism. The pogroms of Voldemort are like the pogroms of Adolf Hitler when he is in his full might. It may also be said that maybe, Rowling used the evil leader as her template for Voldemort. Voldemort treats the non-magical folks as dirt upon the feet of wizards and witches. Those of with pure magical blood should be the only ones who are allowed to exist.

Another beauty of the series is that it is for teenagers. Because of this, many teens feel that they could relate with the main characters like Harry, Ron, and Hermione who were also in their teens. They read them experience some things that they are currently experiencing, like having crushes and falling in love, of being heart, of the hardships of exams and school projects, of the bullying inside the school, and many things.

All in all, Rowling intricately spun those threads and created a wonderful story.

Favorite Characters

The series is full to the brim with interesting characters. A half-giant and half-human, A werewolf, a stern school mistress, a student who rushes to the library for answers, a ghost who spent her time in the bathroom, a talking giant spider, and many more. Amidst those characters, I think that these people stood out.

Luna Lovegood – who wouldn’t love Luna? She is unique and her uniqueness is her power. I am glad that Rowling (through Harry) find her worth. Her best bit in the series? Being a commentator in the Quidditch match in Hogwarts. My brother says that Luna already had an online fan’s club. I had to find it though.

Albus Dumbledore – the all powerful wizard who defeated the evil wizard Grindelwald and the only wizard whom Voldemort is scared of. I like him because he is powerful. There no other powerful wizard than him. Anyways, Rowling revealed that Dumbledore is gay and there is something between him and Grindelwald. Ha! This is surprising.

Severus Snape – the most hated of all Hogwart’s professor. What I like about him is that he kept on doing what is right, even if it means sacrifices like being branded as a traitor. He is a great character, and he truly loves Harry’s Mom.

Fred and George Weasley – they are the clowns of the series and the bringer of funny moments. Their best bit? Making Dolores Umbridge’s life miserable in Book 5.

Fleur Delacour – a half-veela and half-human. I like her because ---- well the book says that she is really beautiful.

So that’s it! I am done with Rowling’s books. It is a great read and a real page turner. It caused me so many sleepless nights. The problem with the series is the epilogue. It really sucks.

Now it is time to turn to other books. J.R.R. Tolkien, here I come…

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