My Beloved Wife is Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
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"Paano mo nakakaya ito? "

I exclaimed this after one exhausting Saturday. I was tired because of our hyper and super kukulit babies. 

My son, Samuel, is 2 years old and my daughter, Samantha, is now 1 year old and it is hard to keep them still.

My son runs around the house. He climbs up the sofa, the stairs and even the windows! My little daughter, who is already more ten kilos, always wanted to be carried up.

And it is more exhausting when we are in a shopping mall. Samuel runs and pulls things around. I have no choice but to run after him for fear of kidnappers. Also, I always keep an eye on him so that he will not break anything while we are in SM.

Eating out is also a messy affair since a lot of food drops to the floor because of Samuel and Samantha’s messy eating.

Samuel and Samantha are the reasons why I do not find rest during the weekends. Sometimes I even felt more tired on those days. 

That's why I am amazed that My Beloved Wife manages to take care of our children every single day. Aside from that, Lei wake up early to prepare by lunch box and my breakfast. She also does chores like cleaning the house and washing our dirty clothes.


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  1. Yes. I am truly blessed to have her as my wife.

  2. Yes, it can be very tiring but it's the love that keeps every mum and dad going on and in later years when you look back, you will feel that these are the best times of your life. God bless, all.

    1. You are correct. Our sacrifices that we do today in the future for the sake of our children will be worth it.

  3. Oh,,,, please share more daddy corners pleaaassee! And your wife is truly a wonder woman, Hope she reads ths for her to know that you appreciate her!

    1. I will post more similar articles in the future. My Beloved Wife read it and she like it. She even thought that I have a crush on Gal Gadot. Well, I don't have a crush on her and I even didn't watch her Wonder Woman movie.

  4. Looking after 2 hyperactive kids is not easy. We have been there before. Just enjoy them because very soon they will grow up. You are blessed and have a blessed family.

    1. We are enjoying this moment because there will come a time when they will not be as sweet as these days.


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