The Daddy Chronicles: 13 Things that Your Toddler Can Do that You Can't

13 Things that Your Toddler Can Do that You Can't

I found this amusing post from Simple As That in Facebook. It lists 13 things that a toddler can do but an adult can't.

The post made me think of the things that my one-year old + Samuel can but I can't do or embarrassed to do because other people will say that I'm childish.

Here are my 13 Things that Your Toddler Can Do but You Can't:

1. Breastfeed in public without anyone tagging you as a pervert.

2. Kissed by many girls without being accused of being a playboy.

3. Pull hair or pinch a complete stranger without him/her getting mad about it.

4. Watch the same cartoon show for a hundred times without getting tired of it.

5. Cuddle with Mommy or Daddy without getting embarrassed about it.

6. Throw your things anywhere without the need to clean it up afterwards (Mommy or Daddy will do that for you).

7. Throw a major tantrum inside the shopping mall without anyone thinking that it is abnormal.

8. Poop and pee anywhere (including Daddy).

9. Get almost anything just by crying.

10. Be carried around by Mommy and Daddy.

11. Get super-excited in meeting up the Jollibee mascot.

12. Play peek-a-boo with the sales ladies of SM.

13. Take a bath with rubber ducky and your other toys.

I have other things to include in this list but that's for another post.

I bet other Daddies and Mommies reading this post have a thing or two to add to this list.

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  1. And this exactly are the reasons i want to be a toddler again. Hahaha

  2. sarap minsan isipin ang pagiging bata pa..


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