The Historic Aguinaldo Shrine

Me and an officemate, which I name as Mr. Q, conducted a seminar in Cavite City last year. We traveled from Manila to Cavite City through the Coastal Road. Our travel is quick but boring until I saw a large white house, which I usually saw in television every Independence Day. Our driver told me that that large house is the Aguinaldo Shrine.
Side view of Aguinaldo Shrine

Cavite is a province rich in history. Cavite City, for instance, served as a naval base since Spanish Era. Cavite was the home port of galleons during the height of Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade. The presence of Aguinaldo Shrine in Cavite is a testament to its involvement in the Philippine War of Indepedence. Cavite is one of the first eight provinces that declared war against the Spanish Colonial Government during the 1896 Revolution.

I rarely go to Cavite that's why I asked Mr. Q to let me visit Aguinaldo Shrine before we go home after the seminar. I didn't want to miss the chance of visiting this historical place because I might not get another chance in the future. Thankfully, Mr. Q relented.
Aguinaldo Shrine from afar
Aguinaldo Shrine viewed from afar.
The Aguinaldo Shrine is the place where the first Philippine president, Emilio Aguinaldo, declared Philippine Independence from Spanish rule on June 12,1898. The war is still raging and Americans are threatening to colonize the country but Emilio Aguinaldo proudly waved the nation's flag during that historic day. The declaration of Philippine Independence is vividly portrayed in the old 5-peso bill.

CaviteƱos preserved the Aguinaldo Shrine and made its ground a public park. A monument was erected to honor Emilio Aguinaldo.
Aguinaldo Shrine - Emilio Aguinaldo on horseback
Emilio Aguinaldo on horseback.
Aguinaldo Shrine was closed to the public when I visited so what I only did is to take photos of the front part of the shrine.
Close up view of Aguinaldo Shrine

What I like with the Aguinaldo Shrine is that it is well maintained. The condition of this shrine is uncommon in the Philippines because majority of our historical shrines were neglected and vandalized.
Tower of Aguinaldo Shrine
Tower of Aguinaldo Shrine.
The front of Aguinaldo Shrine has intricate designs. Take a closer look of the shrine's historic balcony:
Historic balcony of Aguinaldo Shrine

Do you notice the designs found on the eaves?  The Philippine flag and the three K's was also depicted on the wall located above the balcony.

Today, we celebrate the 114th year celebration of the proclamation of Philippine independence. I am glad that I got the chance to visit the historic Aguinaldo Shrine. Happy Independence Day my kababayans!


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  1. 12th June eh? Happy Independence Day to you and all the fellow-Filipinos among your readers.

    That is an awesome building - beautiful and well-preserved! I wonder what it is like inside...

  2. It's been such a long time since I last visited Aguinaldo Shrine. HS pa yata and it's really nice inside. Try going back so you can visit inside too. =)

  3. Mukha ngang malinis! Buti namn well maintained sya.

  4. uy san kayo sa Cavite City nagseminar hehe.. taga jan me eh hehe

  5. yup... lagi ko itong nadadaanan...

  6. Suitapui

    Thank you for the greet my friend. I also wonder what's inside the Aguinaldo Shrine. I will know it when I return to this place in the future.

    Average Jane

    Wow. Tagal na pala ng huling bisita mo dito sa Aguinaldo Shrine. Bisita ka uli't. :-)

    Ate Anney

    Buti talaga at well-maintained ito. Kung hindi naku nakakahiya.


    Ay uo nga pala. Kabitenyo ka pala. He he. Bakit hindi kita nakita dun? :-P

    Somewhere in Cavite lang kami nagseminar.


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