Almost Eaten by a Tiktik

Do you know of the monster called as “tiktik?” Well, I encountered one such monster in the past.

Twenty-four years ago, when I am still inside my mother’s womb, my father heard a noise coming from the roof of our house in Quezon City. It is already past midnight and it is few more hours before dawn. My father wonders what is that noise coming the rooftop. It sounds like something or someone is scratching the roof.

My dad is wondering if an “akyat-bahay” (thief) is on the top and is prying the roof open. Then, he suddenly remembered the rumors about a tiktik that roams the neighborhood. Tiktik is known to eat babies from their mother’s womb by using its very long tongue. It is also known that Tiktiks are fond of firstborns because they say that firstborns taste the best.

He took his bolo and rushed outside and climbed up to the rooftop. Alas, there is nothing at the rooftop. He ran to the street outside of the outside only to see an old woman sweeping the streets at 3 in the morning.

My mother, on the other hand, never ceased praying and clutched the Holy Rosary.


That’s my Halloween story. My parents said that I was almost snatched and eaten by the “tiktik.” I am not sure if it’s the truth but I am sure that there is a grain of truth in it.

There are such monsters, evil spirits, and demons around us that lurk in the dark to prey on human beings and to trap their souls in darkness. My country and the people is suffering from such horrific deception, in many forms, being laid by the Devil.
Archangel Michael vanquishing the Devil.

This Halloween Season let us not focus on the devil and the monsters of this world. Let us focus more to our God whom the Devil fear the most.

Why fear the Devil and his monsters if there is a more powerful being that these agents of evil are afraid of?

Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to pray for all our relatives, friends, family members, and all the people who already fell asleep.

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  1. Happy Halloween!
    Boo! m__(-_-)__m

    Wow, uso naman ang mga horror stories. I haven't seen a Tiktik, pero laging laman yan ng kuwentuhan ng mga magulang ko or kung sino man ang buntis na kakilala namin.

  2. ^_^ Thanks for dropping by Fiel-kun.

    Ako rin hindi pa nakakakita ng Tiktik kahit kailan?

  3. gheeeh scary ,i remember those horror shows that features that monster whenever she's around you will be hearing sounds like tik tik tik tik
    perhaps thats why they were called tiktik

  4. @Prince:

    Yes my friend. The name tiktik came from that alleged sound of this monster.

    Thanks for visiting.

    God bless your Sunday.

  5. Hey there!

    These stories are really interesting, actually. But I'm not one to believe unless I see one. I think these manananggals or tiktiks might have been remnants of civilizations past.

    I don't know. There are a lot of things in this world that we cannot explain.

    Here in the Philippines, it's so easy to mess with people's imaginations cos a lot of us rely on their perception, not the facts.

  6. I agree with you HalfCrazy. These mananggals and tiktiks are wonderful part of the Philippine folklore, but no one see any of them yet.

    There are stories, of course, related to us by our parents and our grandparents.

    It is good to tell these stories from time to time so to keep our culture alive.

  7. Ya...they have all kinds of superstitious beliefs which we were forced to observe when young. Good to recall these - part of our culture and identity. Nov 2nd All Souls' Day - must remember to pray for our dear departed as well.

  8. Hi Suitapui. Done your lunch? I still have to eat mine.

    Correct. I have many "paranormal" stories up in my sleeves and many are interesting to post on this blog.

    Local monsters are being forgotten nowadays. They are being supplanted by the ones coming from the West like vampires, werewolves, etc...this is one why of remembering the local folklores.

  9. wow... i didn't know you had stories like that. =) astig kuya ish! i'm kinda scared of those stuff...thank God that tik-tik didn't eat you so now I have kuya ish. hahaha

  10. Marami pa akong stories na tulad n'yan. And you know what, the people say that the old woman does not live in the vicinity. The people are curious about that old lady who sweeps the street in the wee hours of the morning.

  11. I know, I love how they're included in our rich culture. I'll believe it when I see and take a picture of one! For now it's all just garbled perception and imagination by other people for me.

    I know for sure I'm not gonna be telling these creepy stories to my future children but then I can't tell, they're too interesting and I like scaring kids. Haha!

  12. I am delighted I dropped by your site too. I like looking for Pinoys who blog in English. I like the Tagalog ones too!

    Yeah, I'm still studying. A few more months and I'll be graduating, hopefully.

    Look out for Cerealicious near you! It's in G4 and Rob Ermita. I don't know of the other places.

  13. I love a good ghost story! And I enjoyed reading this about "tik tik"!

    First time heard of such a monster but here in Malaysia we have lots of different kinds of monsters/ghosts too.

  14. This tik tik with long hideous tongue sound horrible but I wonder what would happened if it/she got you? You won't be around blogging! Haha! Well, thank goodness that did not happen!

  15. So what did your father actually heard from the roof if it's not tik tik? Is that an unsolved mystery? Time to call in Mulder and Scully from the X-Files! haha!!

  16. I hope you will write more ghost stories on your blog cos I love to read them!

    Btw, I have a quite a number of ghost stories on my blog and they are mostly real stories, not made up. Just click on "ghosts" in the label and you will see many posts on this topic : )

  17. @Halfcrazy:

    ^_^ I guess no one will ever see a real Tiktik. The accounts about this monsters is quite garbled and it is hard to sift which ones are the truth or if all of the stories have reasonable explanation.

    I haven't saw a real tiktik but I heard the "tik tik" sound in one occasion. And then the sudden yelping of my dog, who is barking at the one making the "tik tik" sound. I don't know, maybe just a night bird and our dog's yelping is just a coincidence. Like you, I don't believe unless I see a living tiktik.

    As for me, it would be fine to tell my children about stories like these. ^_^ At least I have stories to tell them during Halloween Season.

    Thanks for dropping by again and replying to my comments here. God bless your studies!

  18. @Foongpc:

    Aha! A panda that loves ghost and horrific stories. I suddenly remembered your story about an UFO.

    I will tell more ghost and monstrous stories in the future and all of them are related to me by my friends and I "experienced."

    LOL. I am glad that tiktik failed to eat me. Maybe she is so scared with my father's bolo. She will be sliced in half.

    According to my dad, the people in the neighborhood that it is the old lady, sweeping the street in wee hours of the morning, who is the tiktik. She just transformed back to her human form.


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