It is Nice to Have Visitors

In my previous post, I said that my sister had her 18th birthday. Well, it was just a simple birthday celebration and not the traditional birthday debut that have 18 candles, 18 candles, etc. We opted for a simple celebration since my little sister insisted that her birthday party be a simple gathering for the family.

I am glad that we just had a simple celebration for my little sisters 18th birthday. It is because it is the first time that my family had visitors for a family occasion. In the past, we only have me, my brothers, my sister, my father and my mother are only present for birthdays, Christmas celebrations, New Year celebrations and other important occasion.

Last Sunday, we entertained about eight guests and it was fun. We had my aunts and one of my "mother" during my college years. It was not easy to be a host of a "party" but we managed it and we enjoyed it. Maybe next time, I will be calling more than eight guests to join another celebration.


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  1. ang mahalaga naman ay yung mga makakasama mo sa okasyon na yun... hindi kailangan marami basta kasama lang ang mga mahahalagang tao sa inyo... happy birthday uli sa kapatid mo!

  2. gheeeh visitors was just okay to me if its expected but if not
    its quite awkward hahaha

  3. tama nga si xprosaic..di naman un sa kung gano kagara o kabongga ang selebrasyon..basta kumpleto ang mga gusto mo makasama ^^

  4. I love such little gatherings with friends and loved ones... Not too big and such a fuss to handle, no time to sit and talk to anybody.

  5. @Xprosaic:

    Salamat sa pagbati bro. ^_^

    You are correct. It is about enjoying the occasion with the persons you love.

  6. @Poorprince: mean some gatecrashers to the party? Yeah...they are awkward to deal with.

  7. @Suitapui:

    Correct. Little gatherings give us the time to really talk to with our loved ones who live far away from us.

  8. nung dun pa ako nakatira kina tita... i hate it when she's having visitors from different circle of friends. pano pag sinabing bisita... LINIS ibig sabihin nun.more dishes to wash etc.

    pero pag mga kamag-anak namin un... i'm always present. hahaha. they're fun to be with plus i'm looking forward for the cake and ice cream. lagi kasing may dalang ganon. ahaha (parang bata eh noh?) :p

  9. Awwww...kawawang Tine. Ginagawa ka palang dishwasher at cleaner kapag may visita. Malamang tawag mo sa kanila eh mga bwisita. :-P

    Haha...cake at ice cream lang pala ang pang-bribe sa iyo eh.

  10. Nice, Ish! Belated happy birthday to your little sis! :)

  11. Thanks for the greet Azil ^_^

    Nice to see you here again.


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