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I have been blogging for more than three years now. I had experienced and learned many things through my blogs and interacting with many people in the blogosphere, the social media websites, and meeting other bloggers through a blog forum. This experiences and learning drove me to create another blog, which I called as Digital Think Tank.

The goal of my Digital Think Tank blog is to serve as a venue where I could share to the readers, especially to you my blogger friends, the things that I learned for the three years or so of being a blogger and Internet addict.
Digital Think Tank

Digital Think Tank focuses on giving tips on blogging that includes some ideas that I learned about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sociak Media Optimization (SMO), blog monetizing, and many more. I also talk about social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. My Digital Think Tank blog will also talk about general topics about the Internet.

At the moment, I already have the blog posts about Facebook (Protect Your Facebook Account), internal linking (The Importance of Internal Linking), and outside links to your blog (How to Get Inbound Links to Your Blog).

There are more topics that I already tackled in Digital Think Tank and I have more things that I will tackle in the future. For the coming weeks, my posts will focus about Facebook.

Please feel free to visit Digital Think Tank and I do hope that you will get something from what I posted.

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  1. I will do that after this comment... I'm actually looking for tips on how to get more inbound links. Gusto kong pagkakitaan blog ko. haha.

    thanks kuya isssshhhh! :D

  2. You are welcome...ang bilis mo mag-comment ah. Apir!

    Thanks for visiting Digital Think Tank. Sana kumita ka ng malaki.

  3. You are welcome...ang bilis mo mag-comment ah. Apir!

    Thanks for visiting Digital Think Tank. Sana kumita ka ng malaki.

  4. This Digital Think tank of yours is really something for a purpose and not just another blog for the sake of "just-Having" but "must-having" right?

    This i worth visiting of!:)

    Cheers to you and to other bloggers who make blogs for profit and infos!:)

  5. @Unnamed Psalmist:

    Thank you very much! Hope to see you again here.

  6. @Steve:

    Thanks for the compliment. ^_^

    If you have questions about blogging, don't hesitate to ask me. I will help you in the best of my knowledge.

  7. wow social websites is really advisable for us bloggers to keep our followers updated

    anyways congrats for the first three years keep it up buddy

  8. Thanks Prince. ^_^

    Yeah. Using social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook is a must for us bloggers.

    It is one way to increase the exposure of our blogs and reach out to more potential readers.


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