Ready, Set, Advance War!

Every weekend, I command a large army and I wage war with those who try to destroy the peace in our land.

Yep, you read it right, I wage war using soldiers, tanks, ships, and warplanes; and of course I am not mad. I am talking about my newest favorite game in Nintendo DS, which is Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.
Advance Wars

Advance Wars is one of the best Nintendo games on Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance. It is a turn-based strategy game that lets you use various kinds of weapons on different maps. It is like a modern version of chess, wherein strategy and technique will make you win the battle.
Advance Wars commanders
Army commanders for the war.

Plot of the Game

A massive meteor shower caused much devastation on the whole Earth. Many cities where destroyed and many people were killed. Dust from the explosions kicked-up clouds into the sky, blocking the sun and destroying plant life. In the midst of ruins, Captain Brenner and what remains of the Rubinelle Army works together to rescue the survivotrs and return the semblance of order in their country. However, old hatred from the enemy nation (Lazuria) and the madness of the leaders of Rubinelle prevent the peace from gaining ground.
Advance Wars screenshot
Game screenshots.

My Take on the Game

Advance Wars: Days of Ruins is an excellent game with well-balanced maps and characters. This is the best turn-based strategy game that I ever set my hands on. The challenge for each of the chapter in the story will surely make your mind work as you grope to defeat your opponents. So, if you have a Nintendo DS, I highly recommend Advance Wars: Days of Ruins.


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  1. bkit di ako nahilig sa mga ganyang games? sinubukan ko nung nasa makati pa ako pero nagsawa lang ako maski solitaire di ako naglalaro eh :D

  2. ahhhh.. yan pala pinagkaabalahan mo nung weekends. haha. ayos! kaso mahina ako sa mga strategy games dahil bobo ako. lol. gusto mo laban nlng tayo PvZ? hahaha

    gusto ko rin ng DS. ;p

  3. i love games haha my favorite game is also a war game DOTA hahaha
    but im not good at it

  4. i like those characters on that game
    they really have variation which is cute

  5. May naalala naman ako sa post na toh! hoho. :p di aman aku nahilig sa mga games. pero sige minsan maitry nga. haha! :)

  6. @Lord:

    Baka naman kasi pang-pisikal na laro ka. Mga patintero, tumbang preso, block one two three. ^_^

    Teka, childhood games ko yun ah. Na-miss ko tuloy.


    Bobo? Di ah. Hindi ako papayag na yung tinatawag ko na "Your Majesty" ay bobo.

    PvZ? Nilalaro ko rin 'yan. Naadik din ako d'yan one time. Hinihintay ko na nga ang pagdating niyan sa Nintendo DS eh.


    Ay, maraming naadik d'yan. Ako naman, dahil sa sing kunat ako ng belekoy ay hindi ako naadik d'yan. Ayokong gumastos ng malaki sa mga computer shops.

    Pang Age of Empires lang ako na nilalagyan ko pa ng cheat para matalo yung computer AI.


    Ho ho ho...ano naman yang naalala mo ha. ^_^ Share share.

  7. Naku sayang wala na akong oras para maglaro eh... kaya sori na lang sa akin... hanggang memories na lang ang paglalaro ko noon ng mga computer games... hahayz

  8. Haha...sayang naman Xprosaic. Maglaro ka na lang ng Minesweeper jan sa PC mo.

  9. @Sendo:

    Haha...adik ka sa DoTa. Sensya na, bano ako sa mga RTS eh. ^_^

  10. Eyew...not into online games. LOL!!! Enjoy yourself! Good to relax a bit on weekends.


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