Why Don't They Fix Picnic Grove Tagaytay?

Last month, My family and I went to Tagaytay City for our very first family outing. It is my nth visit to this so-called “Baguio of the South” but I still decided to bring my family to Tagaytay City. The reason for this is that it is the first time for my family to visit the place.

I brought them to Picnic Grove Tagaytay and People’s Park, which are the two most popular tourist spots of Tagaytay City. They enjoyed the trip even though they felt tired of so much walking and photo taking. Our last stop is Picnic Grove Tagaytay, where we set up our mat and had our picnic.

My father noticed many things while we are in Picnic Grove Tagaytay. He said that the toilets are not clean. The park is not well-maintained and the Picnic Grove Tagaytay admin building is dilapidated. He also lamented about the many persistent hawkers that keep on pestering the park visitors even they receive a “NO” answer. Hawkers are plenty in Picnic Grove Tagaytay and they offer many things from horse rental to “overnight rooms.” What’s not good is that these hawkers are inside Picnic Grove Tagaytay.
Picnic Grove Tagaytay signboard

I have the same sentiments in my last article about Picnic Grove Tagaytay. Many tourists, foreigners included, are complaining about these problems. The question is why the Picnic Grove Tagaytay admin taking so long to solve these problems. The entrance fee to park is a hefty 50 pesos. I believe that the hawkers inside the park also pay the admin some fees.  Why doesn’t the admin use the money to improve Picnic Grove Tagaytay?

The park’s only redeeming factor is its great view of Taal Volcano. Many people flock Picnic Grove Tagaytay and pay the expensive entrance fee just to enjoy this view. I hope that the Picnic Grove Tagaytay admin will not be contented with mediocre maintenance of the park. May they renovate the park so that people will not only enjoy the view of the volcano but also the park as well.


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  1. Same here. Very nice when new, all the fuss over it...but after a while, neglected, not properly maintained. Real sad - what a waste of public funds.

  2. There's a Starbucks near there that has a good view too. We usually just stay there, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the view. You can't have a picnic there nga lang. =)

  3. OO dami nga nagrereklamo dapat ayusin talaga nila kasi daming pumapasyal dyan e.

  4. madaming beses ka na pala diyan pumunta......di pa me nakakapunta diyan...

  5. STP

    Correct. Government officials are all abuzz when something was just recently established because they get the media limelight. After some few months, they forgot everything and let everything to rot.


    Ayaw ko sa Starbucks eh. Pagkamahal-mahal. :-P


    Tama po kayo. Kailangan na talagang ayusin yung Picnic Grove.


    Kaya nga dapat na pumunta ka na. ^_^

  6. Naaakkoooo! Sinabi mo pa! Nakakairita kamo... kala mo hindi mga nakakaintindi eh. Okay na sana ung isang beses magtanong.. pero ung paulit-ulit? nako! Pasaway talaga! :D

  7. Tine

    Gusto kasi nilang makarami ng benta eh. Pero sa sobrang pagpupursige eh nakakainis na.

  8. Oh! So this Picnic Grove still has not improved? I remember the last time I went there - if there's no zipline, I do not think it's worth going all the way there.

  9. Foong

    It is not the zipline that attracts ahorde of people to Picnic Grove. It is the great view of Taal Volcano that motivates people to visit the place.

  10. mr.ahab mga what time po ng oopen at ngcclose ang picnic grove and people's park?

    1. Don't know kung anong orasang opening ng Picnic Grove at People's Park. What I know is that the parks closes around 6 PM.


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