Family Bonding in Tagaytay (Part 1): A Taste of Bulalo in Taste Ride Tagaytay

Familia Ahab can now finally visit Tagaytay City!!!

Thanks to bloggers and vloggers, we are informed that Tagaytay now accepts visitors and their tourist spots: Picnic Grove and People's Park, allow kids to enter.

So, one Friday in the month of June, we climbed up to Tagaytay City. We chose to go to Tagaytay on a Friday to avoid the mass of weekend visitors and the heavy traffic that they bring. I didn't want to repeat our experience in the past when we walked more than a kilometer to reach Picnic Grove, or the agony of waiting for a jeepney going home.

It was around noon when we reached the palengke (Tagaytay Market) so we decided to have our lunch there. Since we are in Tagaytay, My Beloved Wife searched for a place to eat yummy bulalo.

The place that we found is…Taste Ride.

Taste Ride Tagaytay - Bulalo House in Tagaytay

Taste Ride is a small restaurant just across the Tagaytay Palengke.

We were the only customers during our visit so we got our orders fairly quickly. This is quite different from our previous experience with the bulalo restaurant across Picnic Grove that made us wait for more than 1 hour because they are still buying beef meat in the palengke.

Taste Ride Tagaytay

My Beloved Wife, of course, ordered bulalo

Bulalo of Taste Ride Tagaytay

Bulalo is a flavorful beef soup composed of the stock made by boiling beef shanks and bone marrow for many hours. Bulalo is different from a regular beef soup because of its fall-off-the-bone meat and the melted collagen and fat. Many people just go to Tagaytay just for a taste of authentic bulalo, in fact many dubbed Tagaytay City as the “Bulalo Capital” of the Philippines. Bulalo is My Beloved Wife’s favorite and she always order bulalo whenever we are in Tagaytay.

Bulalo of Taste Ride Tagaytay

On the other hand, Samuel the Firstborn requested the calamares

Bulalo and calamares of Taste Ride Tagaytay
Our bulalo and calamares from Taste Ride Tagaytay.

For me, the bulalo of Taste Ride is OK and much better than the ones that we tasted in another Tagaytay restaurant in 2017. My Beloved Wife, meanwhile, said that Taste Ride's bulalo is OK but it is not the "bulalo" she’s craving for. Well, I guess our search for the best bulalo in Tagaytay is still on.

Koorah-Koorah Restaurant in Tagaytay
Koorah-Koorah Restaurant (2017) is the restaurant that made us wait
for more than an hour for their bulalo.

The calamares is also OK and was liked by my picky-eater kids.

All in all we paid 880 Pesos for a big bowl of bulalo, calamares, 4 servings of rice, and a bottle of coke.

We had a nice experience in dining at Taste Ride, maybe we will be back again - or not since we are on a journey to find the best bulalo in Tagaytay City.

- - -

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