Another Taste of Sapin Sapin

Last year, I talked about Dolor’s sapin sapin in Ahab Reviews and Tips. You know what? My mom requested that I buy another sapin sapin for my sister’s 18th birthday. I guess my mom actually liked Dolor’s sapin sapin that’s why she made a special request.

Sapin sapin is a Pinoy sweets delicacy that is composed of different kakanin (sweet desserts made of rice). In English, sapin sapin is called as “steamed layered sweet rice pie.” Once again, I visited Mommy’s Malabon Pride located along Congressional Avenue in Quezon City. Before going there, I called them thru telephone (927-4453) and asked them to reserve one of their 17-inch diameter sapin sapin. Reservation is necessary, especially during the holidays because Dolor’s sapin sapin get sold fast.

Reaching their store at around 7:30 PM, I finally got this:

They opened the box to show me this:

It is quite heavy and I got a hard time bringing the sapin sapin from Quezon City to my hometown (Montalban), not to mention the price of this kakanin. Last year, a 17-inch sapin sapin costs 370 pesos. Now, its price tag is 410 pesos. Bah! Even kakanins are affected by inflation.

Dolor’s sapin sapin is composed of six layers and looks like a big dart board. The purple colored layer is the ube halaya. The red layer is the kutsinta. And the center layer is the biko (kakanin made from malagkit na bigas). I don’t know about the white and yellow layers but they taste good though.

Dolor’s sapin sapin is one of the foods on our table during my sister’s birthday and we have the most number of guests that ever visited our house in the history of our family. My efforts of bringing the sapin sapin paid off because our visitors liked it.

This is the second time that we ate Dolor’s sapin sapin and I could still say that my money is well worth it.


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  1. I wonder what it tastes like. Is it sweet? I guess "ube halaya" is yam, since it's purple in colour. Here, we call it ubi keladi.

  2. it's not just delicious on taste but delicious on sight as well

  3. Wheee! ang sarap ng sapin-sapin. Isa yan sa mga favorite kong pinoy kakanin! XD

  4. @Suitapui:

    Oh yes, this is quite sweet. It is very sweet that I don't dare to eat plenty of it on one sitting lest my tooth ache.


    You are right. Dolor's did a good decision to make a good presentation of this kakanin.


    Talaga parekoy? Paborito rin ito ng mga nasa bahay eh. ^_^

  5. the best talaga ang dolor's... mas okay sana kung nag stay lang ung price nila sa dati... hahaha. i love sapin-sapin kaso ung ube lang kinakain ko dun. haha

  6. @Tine:

    Ganun? :-P

    Dapat hindi sapin-sapin ang bilhin for you. Dapat yung ube halaya lang.

  7. I have sweet tooth! So will this sapin sapin be just right for me? : )

  8. @Foong:

    Yesh. The sapin sapin will be perfect for you. ^_^

  9. All of you are missing a lot. You have not tried yet the Sally's Homemade Kakanin which are available at SM Foodcourts (North EDSA, Megamall, Sta. Mesa, Sucat, Southmall & Bacoor).

    Try it and tell me if Dolor's is still the best.

  10. Thanks for the heads up Anon. I will try Sally's Homemade Kakanin when I got the chance to drop by the foodcourt of any of those SM malls.

    Let us see which is best, Sally's or Dolor's?

  11. Hi Ishmael. Good! Have you already tried Sally's Kakanin?


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