Yummy Treats from Durians - Part 1

One night, while I was browsing the photos inside my external hard drive, I happened to see this:
Durians and Pomelo Fruits for sale.

The picture above is the photo taken the last time I visited Davao City. The fruits in the picture are pomelo and durians that were being sold on fruit stalls beside the Magsaysay Park in Davao City. Another photo that I saw is this:

Yummy! That's a durian that was being opened by the store owner to allow us to taste it before we decide if we will buy it or not. I know that some of you will recoil from tasting durian because of the smell. Well, at first I don't like eating durian because of the smell. But I learned to eat it and once you realize how delicious durians are then the smell will be pleasant to your nose.

Those who can't take the smell and taste of durians have the alternative and those are the yummy durian treats. The most popular of these durian treats is the durian candy. Other available treats made form durians are the durian tart and the durian polvoron. However, my favorite of all of the durian treats is the yema tower.
Yema Tower

Yema are custard candies that was brought by the Spaniards during their colonization of the Philipines.* It is a sweet that has milk as the main ingredient. The Yema Tower is like the normal yema but it was infused with the taste of durians. The result is a sweet and chewy treat that have the taste of durian. It became my favorite because of its durian taste and its sweetness.

However, those who don't like the smell of durian may also dislike the Yema Tower power the smell of durian is still there.

The smell of durian may be too much to bear but for those who don't want to taste the yema tower doesn’t know what they are missing. As for me, I will eat another yema tower if I got a chance.
Oops...the yema tower is almost gone


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*Information about Yema came from Filipino Food Recipe.

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  1. I love love love durians!! : )

  2. I still don't understand why people say durians have horrible smell. To me, I love the smell and taste of durians!

    I also like durians ice cream, durian with sticky rice and crispy durian!

  3. Yema tower? Looks like a sweet durian candy to me. Yummy!!

    Maybe you can add durian to halo halo? LOL!!

  4. I wonder for those people who don't like both durians and balut - which one they will hate more. Haha!!

  5. Ah!!! You have durians there too. Your yema looks a bit like what we call durian dodol. I'm not really into durians...butI love durian desserts - cakes, pancakes... Yum!

  6. Foong

    I don't know. Maybe some of these people smelled durian for the first time and since it is new to their nose, then they think that it doesn't good.

    Durian and balut? I guess durian will be less preferred. :-P


    That just shows that you are really into sweets. :-P

  7. Wow the best ang durian yema.Exotic ang intense ang lasa.Hmmm na miss ko bigla.

  8. di pa ko nakakatikim neto bcos of the smell. ok. ok. im gonna try it pag may chance na nagka durian uli kami :)

  9. hala naglaway naman ako dun haha
    ang sarap naman nyan Ish... parang gusto ko tuloy bumili ng yema waaah bakit kasi ang titigas ng yema sito sa may amin...
    ui pero first time ko nga pala makarining ng yema Durian

  10. Diamond

    Wow! Mukhang natikman na po ninyo yung Durian Yema ah. Masarap nga po ito at matamis. Pampadagdag ng sarap yung durian ingredient.


    Try mo Patty. Masarap itong durian. Pero kung hindi mo talaga makaya eh mag-durian candy or durian yema ka na lang.


    Ewan, baka kasi tinitipid yung mga yema dito sa atin kaya matgas. Masarap tong durian yema. Try mo. :-)

  11. Wow Duriang Davao! Medyo hindi ko din to nagustuhan nung nag-try ako sa Davao before. But I loved Durian candies, so I guess sa durian candies nalang ako :) Sayang, I didn't know about the yema tower. Sana pala nakabili ako nan sa Davao. Mukhang masarap eh :)

  12. Lovely

    Masarap talaga yang Yema Tower na yan. I am sure na magugustuhan mo 'yan.

  13. yum yum yum... masarap nga yung durian. :-)

  14. It's an acquired taste talaga. Ako di pa rin masyado sa fruit but i love the candies!

  15. Megumi

    Haha...yummy talaga 'yan. Pati na rin yung Yema Tower.


    I agree it is an acquired taste. Kailangan masanay talaga yung kakain. Tulad lang yan ng gulay eh. Merong mga bata na ayaw na ayaw ng gulay pero kalaunan ay nasasanay at nagugustuhan na rin nila yung gulay.

  16. Wow! You Filipinos prefer balut to durians? Haha!! I think Malaysians prefer durians : )

  17. can you help me how to cook thjis recipe? just a crispy yema, not a sticky and chewey, thank u very much..

  18. Hello Anonymous,

    I have no idea how to cook yema so I can't help you. Sorry.

    I suggest that you read the yema recipe at the Filipino Food website by following this link:


    Have a blessed day!

  19. i love durian...wish may air freshener na durian scent

    1. Sa tingin ko maraming magrereklamo kapag naamoy nila yung durian scent. :-P


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