Wedding Souvenirs from Under the Quiapo Bridge

My Beloved Wife Lei and I spent some time searching for another wedding item, though not as vital as wedding gown, wedding cakes and the like; but is already part of Filipino weddings. That item is the wedding souvenir.

Wedding souvenir is a gift given to the guests and, more importantly, to the members of the wedding entourage. It can be any item, which means that it doesn’t have to be expensive.

One unexpected place that we visited during our search for wedding souvenirs are the shops located under the Quezon Bridge located near Quiapo Church and Quinta Market.

Quezon Bridge at Quiapo District

The tunnels under Quezon Bridge are lined up with stores selling handicrafts.

Souvenirs from the shops under Quezon Bridge, Quiapo District

We found various items like sculptures, coin purses, takraw balls, Christmas decorations, lanterns. My favorite items in those stores are the handicraft products made from capiz shells.

Souvenir Shop under Quezon Bridge, Quiapo District

We didn’t buy anything from the handicraft shops under the Quezon Bridge. The items are little bit expensive and nothing caught our fancy.

If you are one of the many soon-to-be wed couples who have no idea about your wedding souvenirs, I suggest that you try visiting these shops under the Quezon Bridge. Maybe this is the place where you can buy the souvenirs, or even decorations, that you want.

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  1. Door gifts for guests? Here, we do get some sometimes, not all the time. Most of the time, it is just a little piece of fruit cake in a nice box, sponsored by the hotel where one holds the wedding reception.

    1. Fruitcake is better than not getting any. :-)

      As for us, we only gave gifts to the principal sponsors and members of the entourage.


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