A Simple Prayer for the Future Nurse

Tomorrow will be the 2009 Nursing Board Exam and my dear friend Megumi will take that exam.

Her 4 years of nursing college education will be put to the test tomorrow and in Sunday. For that, I'll be posting a simple prayer for her and for all the examinees.

Dear Lord

Tomorrow is the 2009 Nursing Board Exam
and one of my friend will be put to the test.
I pray to Thee that You give her the knowledge to answer the exams
The courage to remove her fear
The strength to make her body in good physical condition
And wisdom so that she will accept Your will regarding her exam.

I pray to You, Lord of Heavenly Hosts, to help her
to guide her
to stay beside her.

Please give her heart's desire.
May she succeed.

I pray this in the name of Jesus the Lord.


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  1. thank you for this prayer geomancer... i think thank you is not enough to convey my gratitude for your moral support and prayers. thank you. I believe GOD is faithful with His promises. Amen!

    1. The power of Prayer is the strongest weapon of the faithful.

      I believe GOD will bless you in your exam. So let me be the first to congratulate you Nurse Megumi


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