Wedding Cakes from Goldilocks

Goldilocks is one of the most popular cake brands in the Philippines. Filipinos usually go to this bakeshop (or to its rival Red Ribbon Bakeshop) whenever there's a birthday party or any celebration.

My Beloved Wife Lei and I are also frequent buyers of Goldilocks cakes that's why we visited this bakeshop after we checked Red Ribbon Bakeshop's wedding cakes.

Goldilocks wedding cake: Graceful Embrace
Graceful Embrace from Goldilocks

Looking at the cake catalogue, we noticed that Goldilocks uses dummies at the top layers of their cake. Lei didn't want dummy cakes. What she wanted is that all layers of our cake be made of real cake.

Goldilocks cake are also more expensive than the cakes from Baker's Fair and Salazar Bakery.

In short, we didn't order any cakes from Goldilocks. Nonetheless, we enjoyed looking at the cake design in their catalogue. Here are some of them:

Goldilocks Fantasy Wedding Cake

Goldilocks wedding cake: Fantasy

According to Goldilocks catalogue, Fantasy is a 3-layer fondant-inspired mocha cake. It costs 7,000 pesos.

Goldilocks Promise Wedding Cake

Goldilocks wedding cake: Promise

Promise is a 1-layer 14 inch diameter fondant-inspired mocha cake. It costs 4,000 pesos.

Goldilocks Romance Wedding Cake

Goldilocks wedding cake: Romance

Romance is similar to Fantasy. It is a 3-layer fondant-inspired mocha cake. It also costs 7,000 pesos.

There are more cakes in the catalogue but these three are my favorites. Wedding cake designs may also be viewed in Goldilocks website.

Take note that the prices mentioned in this blog post is for 2013. Prices may have change after that year.

What's good with Goldilocks is that the price of their wedding cakes includes four 6 inch diameter mini cakes. For the 3-layer cakes, the price also includes 12 pieces of polvoron cakes. Couples may add more mini cakes for 500 pesos each and polovoron cakes for 85 pesos each.

If you're looking for wedding cakes, I suggest that you try to check out Goldilocks.

Do you want to read more about wedding cakes? I suggest that you read my posts about the wedding cakes from Bakers' Fair, Bakerite, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, and Salazar Bakery.


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  1. I like Promise. Sometimes, simplicity is the best.

  2. I'm amazed at the cakes Goldilocks has nowadays. Parang mas naging sophisticated sila. :)

    Plus I agree, they price can't be beat. :)

    1. I guess sinusubukan nilang makipagsabayan sa Red Ribbon. Red Ribbon is more sosyal than Goldilocks. Kaya mas mahal cakes ng red ribbon.


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