Siam Center in Bangkok

Popular shopping destinations in Bangok are the bargain malls and markets where souvenirs can be bought. MBK and Chatuchak Weekend Market is just two of these bargain shopping centers. Tourists who want to see an upscale shopping center have nothing to fret, however, because Bangkok also has the Siam Center.

Siam Center shopping complex in Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Center is not just one mall but a mall complex that have a lot of buildings. Unlike MBK and Chatuchak Weekend Market, Siam Center has shops that sell high-end products from popular brands.

How to Go to Siam Center

Siam Center is at the "center" of Bangkok at the corner of Phaya Thai Road and Rama I Road. Taxis and buses can reach this shopping complex but the fastest way is by riding the skytrain (BTS). You should go down the BTS - Siam Station to reach this shopping complex.

Siam Center Attractions

Aside from shops, Siam Center also has various attractions like Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and the Siam Ocean World.

Entrance to Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World looks cool but I didn't go in. I already visited the Manila Ocean Park, which I think also offers similar attractions (i.e. fishes inside the tanks, animal shows, etc). I rather spend my money on Thai historical sites and other attractions that can't be found in the Philippines.

Wall designs in Siam Ocean World

I just ogled at some of the designs at the entrance to Siam Ocean World like these penguins:

Penguins in Bangkok

Siam Center is not the mall for me because I don't buy expensive stuffs. I'm also not keen on window shopping so I didn't went to the shops of Siam Center. What caught my attention in this mall are the designs that gave this mall an artistic aura.

Giant glasses in Siam Center

Siam Center has giant horses guarding its doors.

Statue of wooden horses in Siam Center, Bangkok

Too bad that they're just wooden horses. I wonder if there is a secret room inside these horses like the Trojan Horse.

A wooden horse in Siam Center, Bangkok
Siam Center's wooden horse

I don't know who made these wooden horses. What I know is that I saw one of them being sold at a shop during my travels in the northern part of Thailand.

There's a sort of mini-museum of modern art when I visited Siam Center. Can anyone guess the modern artist connected to this can of Campbell's Tomato Soup?

Very big can of Campells Tomato Soup in Siam Center, Bangkok

The mini-museum is not orderly. Things are scattered on the floor and everything is a mess. I think the chaotic style of modern art mirrors the chaotic “modern era”.

A painting of Queen Margrethe of Denmark by Andy Warhol
Queen Margrethe of Denmark

There are paintings on the second floor of the mini-museum. Taking photos is prohibited but I managed to take a snap of this painting of Queen Margrethe of Denmark by Andy Warhol. The mini-museum featured Andy Warhol because he's an icon of the modern art. Here's a trivia for you concerning Andy Warhol: do you know that Andy is a Catholic? You can read about this art tidbit here.

There are other interesting things that can be seen in Siam Center, like the fountains on the open air walkway, but I didn't spend time to look at all of them. What I saw inside this mall is already enough for me.

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  1. Nice place. Hey!!! We have that horse at one place here too. Hmmm...must go and take photo and blog about it. LOL!!!

    1. Please take a photo of that horse in your place so we can all see it. :-)

  2. wow ang cool nung mga desing sa place na yan ahh
    hmm di pa ko nakapunta sa ocean park pero that reminds me
    of that place, sayang at di ka pumunta sa aquarium pero ayun my point ka naman

    1. Tama ka. Sa design pa lang eh pamatay na itong Siam Center. Ang maganda talagang puntahan sa mall na ito ay yung mga design sa loob ng mall.

  3. I do not really like the place but the ne opposite Siam Discovery is a fave esecially during night time. University students sell clothes and art stuff along the streets and at the BTS station of Siam. Great walking experience. I do like going to The Loft because of the quirky stuff they sell. Haggang tingin nga lang, ang mahal naman kasi.

    I found the horse when I visited the North last month and I wanted to buy one, hindi kasya sa kotse, ha,ha,ha. Ganda sanang bihisan ng bulaklak at halaman.

    1. Haha...naku ang kailangan mo ay trak para maibyahe yung kabayo.

      Pinagsama ko sa blog post na ito yung Siam Discovery at Siam Center na magkaiba naman pala. I also experienced looking at the stalls na sinabi mo dun sa Siam Discovery. Pero hanggang tingin lang ako. Wala akong pambili eh.

  4. I didn't really shop at Siam Center. The only time I went there was to go visit Madame Tussauds. Haha! Oh didn't know about that horse there!

  5. I also did not visit Siam Ocean World. I think visiting Aquaria in KLCC Malaysia and Hong Kong's Ocean Park is good enough. Unless really nothing to do in Bangkok and have lots of time to kill : )

    1. You are correct. However, I will still go to other places in Bangkok if I have time to kill.

  6. kakaiba yung native horse noh. pero parang nakakatakot.

    1. Mukha ngang nakakatakot. Mukha siyang dead horse.

  7. i am not into shopping either (kuripot kasi ako ^_^) pero ang ganda nman ng mga decorations nila
    most especially the wooden horse

    1. Hehe...pareho tayo. Yeah. The best yung wooden horse of Siam Center.


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