Wedding Prep: San Agustin Church

I believe that our wedding preparation started long time ago when my Beloved said that she wanted to attend Sunday mass in San Agustin Church. I had an inkling that my wife-to-be is scouting for the church for our wedding.

San Agustin Church, located within Intramuros, is touted by its website as the wedding capital of the Philippines. I guess that there is a basis for this claim because this church is usually in the list of couples who are planning for their wedding.

San Agustin Church at night

I visited San Agustin Church twice in the past but it was my first time to see the interior of this church. I admit that I like what I saw inside. This old church is beautiful.

The design made the ceiling of San Agustin Church look very high but that is just an illusion. I bet that it will make wedding photos to look good.

The altar of San Agustin Church looks good too. My only complaint is that the Crucifix is not at the center. Well, at least the tabernacle is at the center.

Some friends told me that wedding in San Agustin Church is expensive. That it became too commercialized. I have no comment about it since we didn't asked about the rates for getting married in this church. We didn't choose San Agustin Church because we know that the reception venues in the area are way above our budget.

Tin Solis-Kiok, my friend and fellow blogger, had her wedding in San Agustin Church. I think that their wedding ceremony went smoothly. Her only negative comment is that her entourage were barred from entering the San Agustin Museum for a photoshoot. Couples who are considering San Agustin Church should clarify with the church admin every details, including the things that are allowed and not allowed within the church premises.

San Agustin Church is the oldest stone church in the Philippines and is involved and many historical events. The tomb of the Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi is under the roof of this church. The terms of American occupation of the Philippines and the First Plenary Council of the country were held within this church.*

I think that this rich history and the fact that it is located in the historical Intramuros are the plus points for couples who are considering San Agustin Church for their wedding. Many want to write the history of their love in this historical church.

But for me and my Beloved we chose another church.


*Historical information was obtained from the website of San Agustin Church.

Read about my visit to the San Agustin Church Museum.

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  1. Oooooo!!!!!! Spellbound! What a perfect place for a superbly special wedding!

  2. Lovely church! But a pity it's too expensive.

  3. So did you manage to find another church?

    1. Yes we did a find a church. We will blog about it in the future.

  4. ganda naman nag interior ng church perfect sa wedding!

    1. Yes. That's why it is touted as the "wedding capital of the Philippines".

  5. It was ok naman. It's a really nice church. =)

    1. Yes it is po. And I know you know how OK this church is. :-)

  6. Yes. San Agustin Church really deserve its title as the Wedding Capital of the Philippines


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