Like a Little Child in Aircraft Wonderland

Mural in PAF Aerospace Museum
Mural backdrop inside PAF Aerospace Museum.

The “last minute cancellation” policy of PAF Aerospace Museum is a big downer. Good thing that this museum has real planes that made my heart beat with excitement.

I always play make-believe wars when I was a child. I had toy soldiers, toy aeroplanes and toy ships. I set them to make a scene – a battlefield.

I felt like I was reliving my childhood when I walked beside the war planes displayed in PAF Aerospace Museum. I felt that they are my toys, only that they are much bigger than me!

Philippine flag in PAF Aerospace Museum

I had to control my enthusiasm or else the museum guard might think I’m crazy and throw me out of the place.

So, I just walked and took photos and, of course, touched the war planes.

Warplanes on display in PAF Aerospace Museum

And now! Yes. As in NOW! I can now say that I touched a warplane.

The airplane at the front is the Italian-made SIAI Marchetti SF-260. Philippine Air Force acquired this plane in 1967. Airplane of this type is currently being used as trainer planes by the PAF Flying School.

The warplane that was painted to look like a shark is also cool.

Shark of Zambales in PAF Aerospace Museum

It is appropriately named as the Shark of Zambales.

Hanging from the ceiling is the Cali 233. It also served as trainer aircraft of the Philippine Air Force.

Cali 233 in PAF Aerospace Museum

The fourth airplane that is on display inside the PAF Aerospace Museum is the Boeing Stearman.

Boeing Stearman in PAF Aerospace Museum

One weird vehicle that is on display in the PAF Aerospace Museum is this white conical metallic object.

Replica of Apollo 11 Command Module in PAF Aerospace Museum

It is a replica of the Apollo 11 Command Module. Apollo 11 is the space mission executed by NASA that landed the first man on the moon.

Another airplane hanging from the ceiling is the replica of Flyer, which is the first airplane built by the Wright brothers.

Replica of Wright Brother's first successfully flying airplane in PAF Aerospace Museum

Of the many vehicles on display, I think that the best is the Dodge Command Car that was used by President Marcos during parades and ceremonies.

Command Car of President Ferdinand Marcos in PAF Aerospace Museum

There are other big warplanes, commercial planes and helicopters displayed on the grounds at the back of the museum. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to check those out because our mission that time is to inquire about wedding reception venues.

I promise, however, that I will bring my son or even my daughter to PAF Aerospace Museum. I am sure that my child will enjoy this place. The PAF Aerospace Museum will be perfect for bonding time of our (future) family.

How to Go to PAF Aerospace Museum

I have been to NAIA Terminal 3 and passed in front of the PAF Aerospace Museum a lot of times but I didn’t know that this cool place exists!

Vicinity Map of PAF Aerospace Museum
Vicinity map of PAF Aerospace Museum.

Commuters coming from MRT – Taft Station can reach the museum by riding the jeepney with “Nichols” placard. Just alight at NAIA Terminal 3 then ride the Villamor Ikot jeep to reach the place. Just tell the manong driver that you want to go down in front of Air Force museum.

Take note that the PAF Aerospace Museum is just across the street from Remington Hotel.

Entrance Fee and Business Hours of PAF Aerospace Museum

Entrance fee to the museum is just 20 pesos. It seems, however, that this fee is not strictly collected since no one asked us to pay the entrance during our visit.

The museum is open from 8 AM to 5 PM during weekdays (Monday to Friday). It is only open from 8 AM to 12 noon on Saturdays. The museum is closed during Sundays and holidays.

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  1. Are the airplanes replicas of the original or are they the real things without engines? A must see, should be interesting to everyone.

    1. I think that the warplanes are originals. The replicas are the Flyer and the Apollo Command Module. There are real aircraft on the grounds at the back of PAF Aerospace Museum.

  2. wow nacurious naman ako dun sa cone shaped na
    aircraft at ang angas nung wall paint

    1. Hahaha...weird nga kasi yung hitsura ng Apollo Command Module.

  3. Hello there!

    I missed being here and reading this post made me envy you. Why? Coz you still have time to visit that place. I like the shark of Zambales. Hahaha.

    Contrary to what you played when you were a kid (since I'm a street girl playing with boys HAHAHA), I like airplanes. I think they're cool. It amazes me to see BIIIIIGGGG planes! :p

    1. Woah! Nabuhay si Maarteh. Mukhang super busy ka talaga ha. :-)

      I'm glad na nakabisita ka uli.

      You really like airplanes pala ha. Then you should visit this museum.

      So boyish ka pala. :-P

  4. Very nice. I wonder why our government doesn't promote museums too. I mean it's intersting and educational. Sana they would also actively promote places like these too and not just the beaches. =)

    1. You're correct. We Pinoys should start to appreciate our museums. We will learn many things by going to these places. Sayang.

  5. As a USAF veteran and half Pinoy, I hold with great regard the PAF museum and it is a must see when visiting Pinas. Thank you and god bless!

    1. I am happy to see a USAF veteran enjoy reading this blog post. I am honored.

      Thank you very much for dropping by. God bless.

  6. I'm a USAF veteran and plan to put this on my list for my visit to the Philippines in December 2017.

    1. Please tell us your experience in visiting the PAF Museum. Welcome to the Philippines. :-)


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