Chinatown Post-Adventure: Explosive Thai Sticky Rice

 I had a day-long adventure ‘round Bangkok with a Malaysian friend. We visited Wat Arun and Bangkok’s Chinatown. Before we split off, my friend suggested that we go to shop in Robinson Mall near BTS - Saphan Taksin Station to buy a sticky rice.

The shop’s name is Waraporn Salapao located in the lower ground floor of the Robinson Mall.

Warapor Salapao shop in Robinson Mall near Saphan Taksin BTS Station

I took a quick shot of this shop because the lady is protesting. I bet that she thought that I was photographing her.

Waraporn Salapao sells salapao (which we Filipinos call as siopao), dimsum and the sticky rice wrapped in leaves.

I took home a piece of Waraporn Salapao’s sticky, which I partnered with a fruit juice that I bought from Chinatown.

Thai sticky rice with juice

The Thai sticky rice does not look appealing after the leafy-cover was removed.

Thai Sticky Rice

It was a Molotov cocktail. Exploding with flavors.

The sticky rice was mixed with shrimp, egg and other spices. The flavour of every ingredient is very overpowering to the point that my taste buds started protesting.

I guess that Thai sticky rice is not the right food for me. Good thing that I had a juice to wash away the explosive taste.


I started at the end so that you can have a preview of what I will feature in the next month. So, please read about my adventures on Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun, Bangkok Chinatown, and food adventure in the capital of Thailand.

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  1. Oh! You don't like it? I liked it! In Malaysia, we call it bak zhang : )

    1. Yeah. I dom't like it because the taste is intense. Maybe I'll prefer the milder version of it.

  2. It's a Chinese specialty but I can't take too much of it - my stomach can't digest the rice properly.

  3. So the Wat Arun and Chinatown posts coming up? You beat me to it! I'm still trying to finish off my Hong Kong posts before doing the Bangkok posts haha!

    1. Yes our trip to Wat Arun and Bangkok Chinatown trip are coming up. Stay tuned. :-)

  4. Oooooo...that looks soooo good! Wish I could taste it! Slurpssss!

  5. You can also get Ma Chang in Binondo. You may like that kasi it's more suited to our palate. In SG, the Little One also loves those things. There's a stall in the hawker center hear our place selling really tasty ones and there are dozens in the grocery store we frequent there din. =)

    Plus, yup, you're right. In SG they call siomai, siew mai. Hehehe! It never fails to make me smile but I heard that our spelling is the wrong one and siew mai is really the right one. Go figure. =)


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