End of the Month Roundup - August 2013

We are now at the brink of the Ber months, which means that we are at the dawn of the longest Christmas Season in the Philippines. Radio DJs and morning shows will start the countdown to Christmas tomorrow. Christmas songs and jingles will invade the airwaves very early.

If September is the start of Philippine Christmas Season then August is the month of doom and gloom for the our country. It is the month when Metro Manila and nearby provinces sunk, once again, by the habagat rains.

Jeepney stranded due to flood caused by habagat rains

I am one of those who experienced the horrible rainy days. I almost wade through the flood just to go home. But I'm fortunate that I don't have to get wet by the filthy flood waters of Manila. My predicament was insignificant compared to my kababayans who had their houses and properties sunk. Some even died because of the floods.

Another horrible event is the sinking of a passenger ferry off the island of Cebu. Many people died because of the incident while other lost their loved ones.

Another gloomy event is the revelation that our congressmen, senators and even the President used taxpayers' money, our money, for their personal gain. Yes, folks, our leaders made the government their milking cow.

Pork barrel scam caricature
(Source: Cebu Daily News)

Janet Lim-Napoles' fake NGOs and corrupt practices of some of our legislators are just tip of the iceberg. The Philippine government is corrupt to the core and the revelations are sickening as the issue progresses.

Common citizens, like me, feel so helpless with all the horrible things that are happening. Many are angry and want to beat our politicians to death. As for me, I just tried to inject fun to this issues through my satire blog.

I continued posting about my trip around Thailand and also about our wedding preparation adventures. I posted about two places of worship that I visited in Thailand: the Catholic church in Rangsit and the UFO-shaped Buddhist temple.

UFO-shaped Buddhist temple in Thailand
Aliens came to abduct me.

The Our Lady Mother of God Parish Church in Rangsit served is my second home in Thailand. It became my refuge whenever I miss home.

Our Lady Mother of God Parish Church in Rangsit, Pathumthani, Thailand

I posted about two beautiful places during our wedding preparation adventures. One features old warplanes while the other one is an ancient church in the heart of Intramuros.

In my serious blog, I posted about what I felt after watching an anime series. I admitted that I'm very affected by this anime even though it is a comedy.

Finally, in Ahab Reviewsand Tips I posted mostly about the useful things that you can do with BPI Express Online.

That's all that I have for August. Now let's get ready to deal with the Ber months. I do hope that all of you will be happy as the Christmas Season gets near.

By the way, I'll be talking about my adventures around Bangkok with a Malaysian friend. I promise that you will enjoy my posts next month so please stay tuned.

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  1. Let's hope September will be a lot brighter and sunnier...

  2. Kalungkot talaga ang mga pangyayari sa Pinas. Kailangan talaga ng pagbabago. Yun kayang storms eh dahilan na rin na kinakailangan ng "washing" among people? Napaisip lang naman.

    1. Hmmm...pwede nating sabihin na yung mga bagyo dapat maging paalala sa atin na ayusin na ang ating mga buhay at pamamalakad sa bansa para naman mabawasan na yung mga aksidente at sakuna.

      Taon taon tayong binabagyo at binabaha tapos paring hindi tayo natututong maghanda.

  3. Grabe, ang daming hindi kanais nais na mga pangyayari sa Pinas nitong nagdaang August :( Pero still, hindi nagpatalo ang mga Pinoy sa mga pagsubok na ito.

    And yeah, ber months na! parang unti unti nang hinahatak ang bawat araw patungong December 25!

    1. Oo nga. Hindi pa rin tayo nagpapatalo. Hindi tayo matatalo pero sana naman magbago na tayo at ayusin na ang pamumuhay natin na walang pakialam sa kalikasan at kapwa.

  4. Time flies by so fast talaga. It just seems like it was just January tapos ngayon September na. Hay...

    1. Oo nga po eh. And to think na mag-isang taon na rin pala noong umalis ako papuntang Thailand.


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