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Observe Everything, Absorb and Reject
Three weeks had passed since I started working in a bank. I stayed long enough to see many things and techniques that my fellow older workmates do regarding their job. I also heard grievances and conflicting opinions regarding the job, the workplace and the company.

For a newbie like me, the safest course is to keep my mouth shut while listening and observing. Many things that I observed run contrary to what I believe is right. Thus, I had to learn how to discriminate between what is right and what is wrong. I must not accept all the things that are being taught to me.

Remember that whatever you do today will reflect to the course of your career in the future. It is up to you if you will choose to use the erroneous technique or not. Whatever you choose, you must prepare yourself for the consequences of your decision.

Remember, your decision is yours alone. You can not blame the employee whom you copy the wrong technique. It will be you who will feel the full brunt of punishment if your wrongdoing were uncovered (and mind you, all of evil deeds are always uncovered).

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