My Flooded Adventure in the City of Manila

Around a year ago, I braved the floodwaters along España Boulevard to reach our office. I almost did the same thing today because government was late in suspending work in private and public offices. What made the difference is that the Universal Guiding Star bus that I was riding passed through España Boulevard.

Thanks be to God. I was spared from wading in the dark-colored-filthy floodwaters of España Boulevard.

I managed to take a video of the flooded boulevard, from Blumentritt to San Vicente Streets.

My efforts were in vain because the government declared that work is suspended in Metro Manila. The announcement is very timely! Many employees are already on their way to their workplaces.

The flood in Metro Manila was caused by the rain brought by habagat (southwest monsoon). Many people living in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Bataan and other provinces were severely affected. Many people are now in the evacuation centers as I type this blog post.

Manila City Hall flooded due to Habagat floods

Lawton area and City Hall of Manila were already flooded. Buses were the only vehicles that can pass through the flood.

Stalled jeep because of Habagat floods
Jeepney stalled in the middle of the flood.

Pasig River already spilled its waters beyond the river banks. I think that this river can’t take in water anymore and that’s why many parts of Metro Manila were already flooded.

High water in Pasig River due to Habagat flood

There is water everywhere. I want to leave Manila but I don't want to wade in the filthy flood waters. The only way that I can avoid most of the flood is by walking on the center island of the street.

Flooded Lawton Area, Manila due to Habagat floods
Flooded Lawton Area,Manila.

I had no choice but to go back the way I came because office work was suspended. I’m fortunate that there are still buses that I can ride back home.


Many of Filipinos are now suffering due to the flood. Some of our kababayans are in evacuation centers. Some of them are trapped in their houses. They need food, water, medicine, clothing, toiletries – in short they need help.

I appeal to your kind hearts. Please help our kababayans in need.

You can send your help through here:

Poster of the University of Asia and the Pacific for relief effort for the victims of Habagat floods

Please visit their event page for details.

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  1. Gosh!!! That was bad. We've been getting a lot of rain here too, strong winds blowing trees down and roofs away but floods at a few isolated places only. Terrible weather!!!

    I hear the rain has stopped down - hope all is back to normal. Take care, God bless.

    1. The rain has stopped but many people suffered. My fiance's sister was affected by the flood. The water reached up to their chest.

  2. Wow! Manila is flooded again? Still remember you talked about the flood last year. Is flooding a yearly occurrence in Manila? So not a good idea to visit Manila around July - Aug?

    1. I guess it is a yearly occurrence. The flood last year also occurred in August. I still remember that I walked through the flood just to reach our office.

      Yes, it is not a good idea to visit Manila from July to August because the rainy season is intense during these months.

  3. Grabe talaga yung hardship na pinagdaanan ng mga kababayan natin these past few days dahil kina Habagat at Maring. I'm glad na nasa maayos ka ring kalagayan ngayon parekoy. Ang tapang mo ha, talagang sinuong mo ang baha!

    1. Well, public service eh. Sabi kasi ng Malakanyang na may pasok kaya sumugod pa din ako.

      Himdi naman ako lumusong. Umiwas nga ako sa baha eh.

  4. Grabe, medyo hindi namin dama ang habagat this year pero looking sa ibang lugar dito samin ang tindi ng pinsala

    Ang sipag mu pumasok, grabe. Kung ako yun di na ako papasok, bilang 1 week akong walang pasok sa work. hahahaha

    1. Pumasok ako kasi sayang yung sweldo. Hehe. Joke lang. May kailangan kasi akong asikasuhin sa opisina kaya pumasok ako.

      I am glad na safe kayo.

  5. grabe talaga ang bagyong to, i mean habagat na to,
    eto na yun pinaka malaking impact sakin kasi eto
    eto yung bagyong need ko mag lalalabas

    1. Apektado ka talaga ng paguulan ni habagat. Well, at least na ok lang kayo at walang nasaktan sa inyo dahil sa ulan at baha.

  6. That week was really bad. I hope we don;t have a repeat of that again. =(


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