My First Ferry Travel to Camotes Islands

I have traveled around the Philippines using land transportation such as buses, jeepneys, and pedicabs. I have traveled to far places using airplane. I even traveled by riding a fisherman's boat around the Gulf of Davao and even in Camarines. But it was in Danao City where I first experienced traveling via the passenger ferry.

Danao City is on my way to my final destination, which is the Camotes Islands. Those islands can only be reached by riding ferry vessels either on Cebu City or Danao City. Regular ferry service can only be found in Danao City and vessels leave Danao pier every two to three hours. Unfortunately, Typhoon Ramon forced me to stay in Catadman Lodge for one night.

I was able to leave Danao City in the late afternoon when Philippine Coast Guard allowed vessels to travel between Danao City and Camotes Islands. There are two shipping lines that are plying between Danao City and Camotes Islands but only the ships of Jomalia Shipping are present at the pier.
Jomalia Ships at Danao Pier
RoRo vessels docked at Danao Pier.
The vessels of Jomalia Shipping is a Roll on/Roll off type of vessel. This type of vessels can take in land vehicles, cargoes and passengers. Here is the travel schedule of Jomalia Shipping:
Jomalia Shipping schedule

Our vessel promptly left Danao pier when all of the cargoes and passengers boarded. The sea is already calm but the night is fast approaching. The travel time is around two hours.
Leaving Danao Pier
Leaving Danao Pier.
My travel to Camotes Islands is slow and boring. I chose to ride in the “economy class” of the RoRo vessel. An air-conditioned cabin is also available but it is more expensive than the economy class. I have no seatmate on my bench and I am fortunate enough to lie and doze through the whole travel.
Inside Jomalia's economy class
Jomalia vessel's Economy Class.

My ferry travel to Camotes Islands costs 180 pesos. The travel is not grand but not uncomfortable for a person like me who prefers to commute when traveling.

Are you going to Camotes Islands? Contact Jomalia Shipping at cellphone numbers: 0906-3640873 and 0948-6699345.

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  1. Look like the ferries we have here, crossing the rivers...but almost none now. Replaced by bridges. I guess these are not the ones in the news - all the ferry disasters over the years. So scary...

  2. Suitapui

    As far as I know, these vessels are safe.

  3. ang layo pala talaga nito Ish... anyway... i never had a chance na makasakay sa Ferry o kahit anong barko or even bangka... haha di pa kasi ako lumalabas ng Cavite or Manila eh no need to commute via Ferry pa... may Ferry from Cavite to MOA but never tried it yet

  4. Bluedreamer

    Gumala ka naman kasi sa labas ng Cavite kahit minsan. ^_^


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