Short Stop at Lake Danao Park

After touring the many beach resorts around Camotes Island, my friends brought me to another tourist spot, which they say is an important place in the island. That tourist spot is Lake Danao, which is the largest body of freshwater in Camotes Islands.
Camotes Island - Lake Danao

I was awed when we reached Lake Danao. It is the first time that I stand close to a lake. The additional bonus is that the first lake that I have seen up close is clean. My friends told me that they work hard to ensure that Lake Danao will not suffer the fate of the polluted Laguna Lake. Their town consider Lake Danao as a protected area and fishing activities are monitored in the area. Tourists have to pay 10 pesos at the checkpoint somewhere on the road to Lake Danao. The 10 pesos is a sort of environmental fee for visitors who are going to the lake using a motored vehicle. Visitors who walked or used a bicycle are not required to pay the fee.
Camotes Island - Lake Danao

The Lake Danao Park is a good place for picnic. Visitors can opt to place a mat on the ground or use the benches inside the park. The Lake Danao Park is well shaded with trees and the wind coming from Lake Danao is cool.
Camotes Island - benches at Lake Danao Park
Benches in Lake Danao Park.
My visit to the park is very short but I think that Lake Danao is a good place for bird watching. One of the birds that you can see is the white bird shown on the Lake Danao Park sign:
Camotes Island - Lake Danao Park welcome sign

Another activity that visitors will enjoy is boat riding to the middle of Lake Danao. The park has one boat that is used to ferry visitors to the middle of Lake Danao, which is near an island filled with mangrove trees.
Camotes Island - Lake Dana's mangrove island
Mangrove Island of Lake Danao.
Boat ride to the middle of Lake Danao costs 500 pesos per trip for up to 10 passengers. The boat can accommodate a maximum of twenty passengers. Excess passengers have to pay 50 pesos each. The boat is an inflatable rubber boat that is fitted with a deck that has bamboo chairs.
Camotes Island - Boat at Lake Danao

I enjoyed my short visit to Lake Danao Park. It relaxed my body after the exhausting tour around the island. How I wish that the Taal Lake and Laguna Lake in Luzon will be as clean as Lake Danao. If you are planning to visit Camotes Islands, I suggest that you drop by Lake Danao Park and enjoy the one of the remaining clean lakes of the Philippines.


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  1. Ang ganda naman! parng gusto ko mag picnic dyan!

  2. Really beautiful! I applaud their government and the people for trying their best to keep their lake so pristine. I've always believed that maintaining nature's beauty is and should be a joint effort for both the municipal government and it's inhabihants. If only other areas would also follow suit. =)

  3. wow ang ganda naman dito Is... buti ka pa nakakapasyal huhuhu gusto ko din makapagbakasyon kagaya nyan

  4. Anney

    Sarap nga mag-picnic dito. 'yun lang malayo sa Metro Manila eh.

    Average Jane

    Yes. Protecting the environment is a joint effort between many stakeholders in the community. The government, the private sector and the inhabitants should work together to keep their place free from pollutants.

    Sana nga lang dito sa Metro Manila maging conscious yung mga tao sa environment protection.


    ^_^ Sana nga makagala ka din. Lumabas ka naman kasi ng Cavite paminsan-minsan.

  5. Looks like Lake Danao Park is a relaxing place to enjoy a short break. The water is clean and clear too!


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