Camotes Island Beach Resorts

My friends in Camotes Island asked me to visit the tourist spots in their place. Their request automatically received my positive answer because I really wanted to see the sights around the town of San Francisco.

My friends brought me first to the popular beach resorts in their town. San Francisco has plenty of beach resorts but we only visited three of them because our time is limited. My friends brought me to Santiago Bay Resort and the two resorts at Mangodlong Bay.


Santiago Bay Garden and Resorts


Camotes Island - Santiago Bay Garden and Resorts

Santiago Bay Garden and Resorts is big. It is a resort complex that has a big mansion, various rooms for rent, freshwater swimming pool, and a restaurant. Visitors can enjoy playing billiards or stroll in the well landscaped interior of the resort.
Camotes Island - resort restaurant
Santiago Bay Resort's restaurant.

Planning to go to Santiago Bay Garden and Resorts? Visit their website or contact them at 345-8599, 344-6899 or 420-3385 for more information.


Mangodlong Resort


Just ten-minute drive from Santiago Bay is the Mangodlong Bay. Here you can find two resorts that share the name of Mangodlong. Of the two beach resorts, it is the Mangodlong Resort that is less expensive.
Camotes Island - Mangodlong Resort

Mangodlong Resort is the place to go if you just want to dip to the sea and unwind with friends for few hours. Families can have a picnic inside the resort. What’s unique in Mangodlong Resort is the hut located on the rocky outcrop at the edge of the beach.
Camotes Island - Mangodlong Resort outcrop


Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort


Located just beside Mangodlong Resort is the relatively expensive Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort. Though expensive, I believe that this is the best resort that I had seen in Camotes Island. The place is well landscaped and well maintained. Visitors will surely like the garden that covers the whole resort grounds.
Camotes Island - Mangodlong Paradise Resort's coconuts

The resort has a big swimming pool. The water is so still in the pool that I thought that it is like glass.
Camotes Island - Mangodlong Paradise Resort swimming pool

The beach with fine sand is also maintained well.
Camotes Island - Mangodlong Paradise Resort beach

 That ends my tour of beach resorts in Pacijan Island. The sad thing is that I did not have the chance to take a dip in the sea. It has been a long time since I soaked in the salty waters of the sea. Maybe I will “swim” next time if I got another trip near the sea.

My friend told me that the town government maintains a public beach so that those who don’t have money to enter beach resorts can still enjoy swimming in the sea. Well, I salute the town government for doing this. The leaders of the town didn’t ignore the need of Camotes Island citizens to enjoy the pristine sea of their island.


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  1. ang ganda ng ambiance.....
    parang gusto ko na rin pumunta diyan..

  2. I do hope na mabisita mo nga ang Camotes Island AXLPPI.

  3. It must be so nice to live in a place where the resort is only a walk away from your home. *sigh* =)

  4. Yes Average Jane. It is nice. I wish that it is the same here in Metro Manila. When will Manila Bay become clean again.

  5. Wow!!! That's a really beautiful place! Wish I could go to one like that, laze around and relax... That would be so nice.

  6. Suitapui

    It is so nice to swim in the sea, laze whole day and relax...I really need that too. :-)


    Maganda talaga sa Camotes Island. :-)

  7. ang ganda talaga nung place.. tamang tama kasi malapit na ang Summer... I have heard about the Camotes Island before ... sana malapit lang ito sa amin

  8. Bluedreamer

    Wish ko din yan. Na sana malapit lang ang Camotes Island.


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