Where's the Pares at Pares Express?

I finished my assigned work after a few days of wandering around Camarines. So, It was time for me to go home by traveling 10 hours or more from Naga City to Manila. I went to Naga City public terminal and rode a Philtranco bus there. The day is sunny and my trip is fast but boring. I fell asleep after few minutes of watching the changing landscape outside the bus window.

I woke up when I felt that my bus is coming to a halt. We had a stopover at a small restaurant located somewhere along the provincial highway in Quezon province. It is lunch time so I joined the other passengers to eat a lunch at the restaurant named as Pares Express.

Pares is a Filipino dish that literally means “pair.” This dish is composed of beef stew and a bowl of soup that are served together with rice. I haven't tasted beef pares for a long time now so I decided to order one at this restaurant. To my dismay, I discovered that at that time Pares Express only offers these dishes:

They have menudo, afritada, eggplant cooked in coconut milk and another vegetable dish. They don't have beef pares or any variation of the pares dish. It seems like it is a pares restaurant that doesn't offer any pares dish.

Because of this, I just ordered menudo and a cup of rice, which costs at around 70 pesos. It is expensive considering that what they gave is a small plate of menudo. I can buy a menudo dish and a cup of rice in Manila for a price of 40 pesos. It seems like the owners of Pares Express took advantage of the fact that hungry passengers have no choice but to eat at their restaurant.

Pares Express is possibly one of the usual stopovers of Philtranco buses. Our bus driver and the bus conductor has a special table at that restaurant.

Pares Express also has pay toilets that passengers can use. Toilet use is 5 pesos per person.
Pares Express has toilets available for men, women and...alien?
We resumed our travel after eating lunch. I managed to relax for the whole duration of my trip and I reached Metro Manila after few hours of travel.


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  1. "that hungry passengers have no choice but to eat at their restaurant."
    hahhaha! you can't do nothing.
    u have a choice. whether to eat or not to eat,hahahaha!
    if you eat you pay more. if you don't eat you get hungry which give u an uncomfortable feeling in ur trip.
    so what's the choice?hahha!have a nice day!!!

  2. Hmmm I want to pay a visit there too and taste Pares' dishes

  3. Naku ginutom naman ako hahaha paborito ng tatay ko ang Pares (usually pulutan nila haha)
    uu nga mahal nga yun for 70 and i agree nagtatake advatage nga sila sa mga costumer .. hayst kasi nga naman sila lang ang malapit na pwedeng kainan...
    ahaha natawa naman sa CR nila

    thanks for sharing Ish

  4. Faye

    Indeed. You are right. ^_^ Passengers have a choice. They can choose not to eat. Also, they can choose to pack some lunch or buy snacks before the bus leave the terminal.


    Oh yes. Please do visit.

    Ginagawa palang pulutan yung Pares?

    He he he. Siguro may tumitigil na UFO sa may Pares Express.

  5. Bluedreamer

    Ginagawa palang pulutan yung Pares?

    He he he. Siguro may tumitigil na UFO sa may Pares Express.

  6. lol! may toilet din para sa alien? gara namn ng pares express na yan walang pares. hehehe! May kinakainan kami dito sa malapit samin masarap ang pares nila.

  7. Wow! Toilet for aliens too? Haha! Oh you need to pay to use the toilet?!

  8. Do they have toilet for pandas? hehe

  9. LOL!!! Cute toilet sign. I wonder what beef pares tastes like...

  10. Anney

    Masarap talaga ang pares. Yung nga lang walang pares 'yung restaurant dito eh.


    I will ask the restaurant owner to place a toilet for pandas. ^_^


    Well, beef pares is just beef stew, so I know you know the taste. ^_^


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