Week of Unfortunate Events

Today is Friday and I should have been "celebrating" because today is the last of this work week. But why do I feel so low and exhausted?

There are times when we feel that heavens are conspiring against us and throwing a barrage of misfortunes in our way. Well, I had experienced such feeling this work week and this made me feel so exhausted.

I have neglected this blog for about two weeks partly because of hectic schedule at work and I lost my sense of direction in the days that passed. I know that I had to post something on my blogs but I failed to do it. It seems that my blogs are the first victims whenever misfortunes rain upon me.

What are those misfortunes? Here are some of them:

Misfortune #1: Diggings Along Quezon Avenue

There is always heavy traffic on my way to work or home as I passed along the Espanya Boulevard and Quezon Avenue. Heavy traffic is normal on both of these streets but the traffic being experienced on those areas is especially heavy because the government started its project of building an underpass along Quezon Avenue that crosses the Araneta Avenue.

Because of the excavation being done along Quezon Avenue, I had to look for alternative way to reach my office. The alternative ways that are available are longer and requires plenty of transfers between public transports. The result of this is additional stress to me.

Misfortune #2: Powerless

I came back to the office after a week-long travel and what welcomed me is darkness. There is no electricity in the whole building because of faulty wiring. Now, I move from place to place to find a wall outlet where I can plug my computer. This is another source of stress for me this week.

Misfortune #3: Hectic Hectic Hectic

And because I am gone from the office for a week, my work load got accumulated and this also welcomed me. I had to do those work even if there is no electricity.


Those are just three of the misfortunes that came my way this week. There are more but I will not bore you with those things.

I just hope that everything will be back to normal next week.

Dear God, help me.


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  1. Aw, Ishmael. Sometimes, misfortunes can be blessings. It just depends on how you will react to the situation. :) Kahit na puro unfortunate events yun week mo, I'm sure meron magandang nangyari somewhere in between. :D Think positive lagi! :)

  2. Ay, dumadaan ka pala ng Quezon Ave.! :) Isang sakay mo na lang ng tricycle, malapit ka na sa amin! :) Dumadaan ka ba ng Sto. Domingo Church? May mga puting tricycle na mga nakaparada dun. Ibababa ka nun sa may Jollibee (tapat ng Siena College). From Jollibee, tawid ka papuntang Maynilad. Sa tapat nun, may mga pulang tricycle na papunta sa loob ng village kung saan ako nakatira! :)

  3. Struggle big time. Makakaraos din just keep going.Ganyan talaga ang buhay.kailangan may mga pagsubok para tumibay.

  4. Kashina

    Tama ka nga. Kahit papaano ay may nangyari din namang maganda nitong week na ito. Hindi naman ibubuhos ng Diyos ang mga pagsubok na hindi natin kakayanin eh.

    Wow. Malapit lang pala kayo sa dinadaanan ko. Yup, madalas akong dumaan dati sa may Sto. Domingo. Yun nga lang dahil sa paghuhukay eh nag-e-LRT na lang ako kaya hindi ako nadadaan sa Quezon Ave ngayon.

  5. Diamond

    Tama po kayo kuya. Kaya nga thankful din ako sa mga pagsubok na ito dahil ibig sabihin nito na may tiwala ang Diyos sa akin na kakayanin ko ang pagsubok na iyon.

  6. naaalala ko tuloy noon kapag friday inuman session sa mga kaibigan...

  7. Arvin

    Syempre naman. Kapag Friday inuman session kasi walang pasok kinabukasan.

  8. Take a break. You probably need a holiday.

  9. Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. I'm sure may kapalit na maganda yan sa ibang araw.

  10. all you have to do is smile on difficult situations, think and respond positively. Things weigh heavy depends on how you take it.

  11. Anney

    Tama pokayo. ^_^ Magiging maayos din ang lahat.


    Positive thinking. Yannga po ang kailangan ko sa mga sitwasyong tulad noon.

  12. I hope matapos na tong series of unfortunate events mo. I agree that maybe you need to take a break para makapag de-stress ka. Don't worry all these things will pass soon. Prayer lang ang katapat nan. More power and God bless!

  13. Tama po kayo Ms Lovely Adventures. This will pass. Ang kailangan kong gawin ngayon ay hindi ang pagrereklamo kundi ang pagtitiwala sa Diyos. ^_^

  14. Looks like when unfortunate events happen, they come in a row don't they?

    Oh, the busy traffic is now worsened by the excavation? OMG! I'm not sure I can survive such a horrible jam!

    You went for a week-long travel? Is that a holiday or work travel?

    Oh! Have to work in the darkness? Horrible!

    Hope you are able to finish your accumulated work load and everything to be fine again! : )

  15. Foong

    Yeah. Like some people say: "Bad luck comes in threes."

    Oh, that is a work-related travel that is why I didn't enjoy it much. We have no time to relax and enjoy interesting spots in the place that we visited.


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