Margie Juico Lied - Demolition Job Backfired

The Senate hearing this day just revealed the truth about the accusations against some Catholic bishops regarding the donations given to them by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). The Senate hearing revealed that Margarita Juico of the PCSO lied about the "Pajero scandal" because no Pajero was given to the bishops. What was given instead are vehicles that are suitable for the rough terrain where the dioceses are located.

In the Senate hearing, Juico stated that she never said that Pajero was given to the bishops. What a lie. A video, which was grabbed from the news show 24 Oras, showed that Juico did mention Pajero.

Aside from the "Pajero" accusation, the Church-haters also claimed that the donated-vehicles were used by bishops for their "luxury." This is another lie. The vehicles were used for the charity efforts of the dioceses that received the said vehicles. The vehicles were used to help the Filipino people, especially in those places that are ignored by the national government.

This is not a pajero

The photo above shows an instance when the donated vehicles was used. The vehicle is obviously not a Pajero and was donated to the diocese of Archbishop Quevedo. The vehicle was used to help the families affected by the flooding of a river in Cotabato. Drinking water and other goods were delivered to affected families regardless of their religious affiliation.

It is sad that Bishops were attacked by smear campaign because of their desire to help the people in their diocese. Charity is one of the important teachings of the Church and many of these bishops can't help but to seek help for the sake of the needy within the jurisdiction of their diocese. Is it wrong to ask for help from the PCSO? If the government just did its job then there is no need for the bishops to ask the help of PCSO. Yet the government is inefficient and the bishops can't bear to see people suffering.

What is the motive behind the demolition jobs against the Church? Is it because the Church stands in the way of the RH Bill? It is not farfetched to think that this is part of the RH Bill agenda because the people who are at the fore maligning the bishops in the mainstream media and in the Internet are same people who are pushing for the RH Bill. It is not farfetched to think that these people will do another smear campaign against the bishops because they attempt to neutralize the Church in the fight against the RH Bill.

The bishops returned the donated vehicles back to the PCSO. Now that the PCSO have the vehicles back, let Margie Juico and her ilk do the charitable activities that being done by the bishops for the sake of the poor. Let them do those things alone because they don't want the help of the Church.

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  1. Politics. Everywhere the same... I steer clear of such things, don't want to end up all depressed. I'm old, not much time waste feeling miserable.

  2. Politics and politicians are indeed the same everywhere you go. But the issue in this article of mine involved the Church.

    Some people are doing their best to destroy the Church. That is why as a Catholic, I believe that I should say something against the malicious attacks against Catholics.


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