A Few Shots Outside Albay Cathedral

Since my work is the major obstacle to pleasure, I had no choice but to finish the job assigned to me during my stay in Legazpi City. I toiled under the sun as quick as I could so I will get a free day to visit the ruins Cagsawa.

Woe to me! I am in the Queen City of Bicolandia but I didn't got the opportunity to visit its many tourist spots. Even Mayon Volcano hid behind the clouds most the time. I almost accepted the notion that I will never see the volcano's perfect cone. I was fortunate, however, because the beautiful Mayon Volcano showed herself one morning. I will talk about this wondrous event later.

Despite me being busy, I still managed to visit one place in Legazpi City. This city has many tourist spots like the tunnel used by the Japanese soldiers during World War 2, Ligñon Hill for those who love hiking and rapelling, and an eco-park. I never went to any of these places. The place that I visited is the heart of Legazpi City. The heart of Legazpi City is the Albay Cathedral.
Albay Cathedral, Legazpi City, Bicolandia

I consider Albay Cathedral as the heart of Legazpi City because it is this church that started it all. It represents the fact that Legazpi City exists due to the toils of Spanish Catholic missionaries, who went to Albay to bring the Good News to the natives.

Albay Cathedral strated as a wooden chapel in the 1580s when missionaries came with the Spanish conquistadores. The early Christian communitiy in Legazpi was under the care of Franciscan friars and also fall under the jurisdiction of Doctrina of Cagsawa. Albay Cathedral is currently the seat of bishop of Legazpi.

It was cloudy, with a chance of rainshower, when I visited Albay Cathedral. The first thing that I noticed is the arch at the front of the cathedral.
Arch of Albay Cathedral, Legazpi City, Bicolandia

The photo is not good. Electric wires spoiled the view. It is the same complaint that I have with Santa Cruz Church in Manila. Spaghetti electric wires are unsightly. It would be good if these wires were placed underground just like in Makati Central Business District.

The arch displays the name of San Gregorio Magno or Saint Gregory the Great, who is the pope 6th Century pope and Doctor of the Church. The saint is secondary patron of Albay Cathedral. The primary or titular patron of this cathedral is much greater and she goes by the title Our Lady Mother of Salvation.

Also displayed on the arch are the coat of arms of bishops who served the Diocese of Legazpi. One these is the coat of arms of Bishop Concordio Sarte.
Coat of Arms of Bishop Concordio Sarte, Legazpi Diocese, Bicolandia

The bishop served the diocese from 1980 to 1991.

The cathedral is closed during my visit. I had no choice but to take photos out side of the church.

I noticed something peculiar in the structure of Albay Cathedral.
Albay Cathedral, Legazpi City, Bicolandia

The front of the cathedral has a finish of smooth cement. The side walls of Albay is still made of stone blocks.

My favorite photo that I took during my visit to Albay Cathedral is this:
Jesus Christ at Albay Cathedral, Legazpi City, Bicolandia

The welcoming gesture of this image of our Lord reminded of this passage in the Gospel according to Saint Matthew (11:28):

“Come to me, all you who labor and are brdened, and I will give you rest.”

I didn't linger long at Albay Cathedral. I took some photos and went back to work. I wish that I can enter Albay Cathedral during my next visit Legazpi City.

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  1. "Work is the major obstacle to pleasure" Love the term! Hehehe!

    But work is a necessary evil. We need it so we can enjoy life more. =)

  2. MeCoy

    Maganda nga yung pagkakagawa ng statue in Jesus Christ.


    :-) Tama ka jan.

  3. I love old churches and cathedrals. We have a church here with an arch like that - St Mary's...but the church has a modern structure an design, not much to look at.

  4. I live in the town close by, Daraga. I always go to this church to attend the mass since its huge windows and doors allow free-flowing breeze to come inside ventilating church-goers and keeping the interiors of the church cool. The best spot there is somewhere in the middle where I experienced attending the mass while I can see Mayon Volcano peeking outside at least twice. The feeling is marvelous! Locals of Albay no longer need to go too far to enjoy the perks of tourists but it depends on one's appreciation as it can become all too common too. :)

    1. I agree with you. Boredom is the result of familiarity. And I think the people of Albay is no longer amazed of Mayon Volcano since they see it every single day.


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