One Hour Photo

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How does an old man - with  no family, no relatives or even friends - feels as he age? An answer to that question was given in the movie, One Hour Photo, which stars the award-winning actor Robin Williams.

One Hour Photo is about the obsession of an employee of the one-hour photo lab at SavMart. Sy Parrish (Robin Williams) got obsessed with the Yorkins, who are the regular client of the photo lab. Sy Williams fantasized to be the Yorkins' favorite "Uncle Sy." Sy Parrish got to know more about the Yorkin family by looking at their photos, which he posted on the wall of his house.

In the course of the movie, Sy discovered the infidelity of the husband and he decided to inflict justice to his "beloved" niece Nina Yorkin.
Sy Parrish and Nina Yorkin
"Uncle Sy" and Nina Yorkin
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One Hour Photo is one of my most liked movie that stars Robin Williams. Another Robin Williams movie that I liked is the "Dead Poet's Society" that I watched when I was a freshman in the University. Another movie that I watched, starring Robin Williams, is Hook where he acted as the old Peter Pan.

What I liked about the movie is Robin William's portrayal of Sy Parrish. I felt his obsession with the Yorkins. I felt his desire to belong to a happy family, which he truly lacks. The fact that Sy Parrish knows everything about the Yorkin family added to the terror. It made me think of a situation where I am haunted by a person that is so obsessed to me. Stalkers of actresses in the Philippines pale in comparison with "Uncle Sy."

The director's attention to detail in the movie also helped creating the idea of Sy's character. The style seems to say that "Uncle Sy" knows all the details of your life. It is true in the movie because he knows  many things about the photo lab's patrons from the woman who only take photos of her cats to the amateur porn director.

I also like the twist in the story when "Uncle Sy" discovered the infidelity of of the husband. Sy Parrish made intricate plans to teach the husband a lesson for destroying "his" happy family. If you will watch the movie, you will in the end that Uncle Sy just taught the husband a lesson, nothing more and nothing less.


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  1. I think I will love this movie. I loved Dead Poets' so much...I cried...and Mrs Doubtfire, I laughed so much I fell off the chair.I love Robin Williams!

  2. Di ko pa napanood ito. The story sounds interesting! Will surely watch this.

  3. STP

    Yeah. Robin Williams is a great actor. I am sure that you will love this film. It is somewhat scary...


    Please do Ate Anney. Magugustuhan mo nga ito.

  4. Oh! I have yet to watch this movie! Maybe I should go watch it! : )

  5. Foong

    If you like drama-thriller then I recommend this for you to watch. :-D


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