Being a Weasel Pays

Being a weasel is advantageous in the office where I work. If you are weasel then you will expect less work for the same salary as your hardworking office mates. The bosses will even avoid you because of you being a weasel.

But what is a weasel? No, it is not a slender and short-legged animal belonging to genus Mustela. An office weasel is a person who perfected the art of not doing any work yet avoid getting fired. The best example of a weasel is Wally in the Dilbert comics.
Dilbert comic strip - Wally is weasel

Unfortunately, the place where I work is full of weasels and the taxpayers are wasting their money paying them.
Dilbert and Wally - The Weasel Dance

An incident last week accidentally pressed my "anger button." Our office is having an "activity" that is hated by most of the people in our office. Because no one is volunteering, a boss started drafting people who will do the "activity." I am one of the employees drafted and I am concerned by the fact that I, together with some of my office mates, are always picked to do the "activity." We raised the issue to the boss and asked him why don't he get some people from a certain department in our office who are not yet picked to do the "activity." His only reply was that the people may say that it is "unfair."

Unfair? How can it be unfair for them? They are not yet picked up to do the "activity" and they have the balls to say "foul?" Currently, those people in that certain department are doing nothing  because their projects are on hold because their equipments are not working.

What came to my mind is that the people in that department are hostile to the bosses. It seems like the bosses prefer avoiding them instead of dealing with them.

Seems like that the boss is teaching us to be weasels too so that we can avoid any unwanted work.


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  1. Common yan dito pero dahil pare pareho lang ang kanilang attitude wala kang magagawa kasi they covered each other back kasi lahat naman sila hired lang.Only the owners and have the owners attitude work deligently.

  2. Love Dilbert comics!! Always so funny!! : D

  3. Oh! Sorry to hear that there are many weasels in your office! Well, I guess if you can't fight them, join them! : D

  4. Diamond

    Kuntsabahan - yup. Isa iyan sa mga traits ng workplace weasel. Mahirap kalabanin ang ganyan lalo na kung sobrang dami na nila sa isang kumpanya.


    No way. :-P I don't want to join the pack of weasels.

  5. hmmmm, reminds me of my classmate. Everytime na bibigyan ko siya ng task (considering na wala naman xang ginagawa) sasabihin niya lang "Unfair" ang iniisip ko, uubra ba to pag nagwork na siya o hindi, ngayon parang alam ko na, isa siyang wisel?!

    Hay naku, hindi lang pala sa school nangyayari yan, pati sa work. Naiintidihan ko ang feelings mu Ish, ngayon tumataas ang aking pressure, because i am really really picturing out the situation!

  6. May mga tao talagang ganyan mga tamad magtrabaho. Bat namn ganyan ang Boss mo? Sya yata ang unfair e.

  7. Steve

    Ay naku. Marami talagang ganyang tao. Mas pinipili ang quick solution na palyado keso yung mga mahabang paraan na tama and kalalabasan. Maraming tao ang patamad-tamad at umaasa na may grasya na babagsak sa buhay nila. Kung hindi magbabago yung kaklase ko eh hindi ko alam kung saan siya pupulutin.

    Ate Anney

    Ewan ko sa boss na 'yun. Mahina siguro yung leadership skills?


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