Kusina Adventures: Mr. Ahab's Latest Cooking FAILS

I am the cook in our home for more than a week now since My Beloved Wife started having morning sickness due to her third pregnancy. The morning sickness happens all throughout the day so I do the cooking, the laundry, and all the house chores. I also had to take care of our two makukulit toddlers.

The last time that I cooked seriously was years ago when I was living alone in Thailand. I cooked pork adobo and afritada that time. Now it was more challenging. My Beloved Wife asked me to cook meat and fish dishes.

In the morning I usually cook breakfast for the kids. I cooked their favorite noodles, hotdogs, and these sunny-side-up eggs…

My messed up sunny side up eggs

...which didn’t look appealing.

My uber fail is this fried chicken:

My charred chicken

Those are not coal but burnt chicken.

This was the result of me multi-tasking house chores. I forgot that I was cooking dinner.

Another FAIL is this fried dalagang bukid.

Murdered Dalagang Bukid

The fish no longer look like a dalaga.

It was not all doom and gloom during cooking time. I actually cooked a boiled tulingan dish. And my scrambled eggs are good too.

Another good result of my kusina adventures is that I learned new skills and knowledge, my favorite of which is learning about the cooking jargon: julienne.

Julienning is the process of cutting ginger root into small strips, like this:

Julienned Luya

Aha! I didn’t expect that they have a term for this kind of cut.

Also, I cooked (I think) well some dishes like this nilagang tulingan.

Yummy Tulingan

One of My Beloved Wife’s fervent wish is that I cook for her. Unfortunately, I am more of an eater than a cook. However, with morning sickness, her wish had come true.

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